Restaurants and QSRs Can Attract More Customers With New Technology

Restaurants and QSRs Can Attract More Customers With New Technology

From smart devices to phone apps, technology makes our everyday lives easier. The same applies to restaurants and QSRs that adopt new technologies to simplify and streamline the customer experience. 

Customers expect the latest digital technologies to provide convenience and more rewarding experiences. 

As restaurants and QSRs welcome back customers, they should consider new technology to meet growing consumer expectations.  

Technology Benefits for Owners and Operators 

Adopting new technologies may provide various benefits for restaurants. For example, 91% of restaurants surveyed recognized the potential benefits of inventory automation and 62% said automation could improve management of online, dine-in, and delivery orders.1

Additionally, over 80% of the restaurant operators said using technology in a restaurant provides a competitive advantage.2

Some popular technology options restaurants can consider include: 

  • QR codes
  • Delivery tracking
  • Self-order kiosks
  • Drive-through automation

Keep Up with Customer Expectations 

Technology may provide restaurant owners and operators with operational benefits and help meet the evolving needs of consumers. 

Throughout the pandemic, takeout and online ordering became a staple for many customers while they put dining out on the back burner.3 Even as consumers return to on-premises dining, they expect some of these seamless experiences to transfer over into restaurants. 

For example, 57% of customers use a digital app to order takeout food and 25% of consumers prefer a digital or contactless payment method over a physical one.4

In an effort to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, restaurants may also take advantage of technology-based loyalty programs such as an app. According to Deloitte research5, customers want loyalty programs that include: 

  • Coupons or reduced prices
  • Free items
  • Exclusive products not available to others

Restaurants and QSRs must determine which technology options are best for their needs based on the adoption costs and the return on investment. Consider which technologies will improve the customer experience, increase revenue, improve employee satisfaction, and make their jobs easier. 

However, new technologies are only part of the picture. Restaurants and QSRs must be well-staffed to meet customer demands in a friendly, safe, and effective manner. 

A major piece of this puzzle is to ensure you have a happy and engaged staff. When adopting any new technology, your employees should be top of mind. If the technology doesn’t make their job easier or more enjoyable, it may lead to adverse effects. 

In addition to technologies that make your employees’ lives easier, restaurants should invest in employee wellbeing and happiness. Providing an added benefit like on-demand pay can increase employee motivation.6

To learn about the benefits of on-demand pay for restaurants and QSRs, schedule a demo today.

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