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DailyPay is the recognized gold standard for on-demand pay with an award-winning platform and best-in-class customer support. In fact, we work with 80% of the Fortune 200 who offer an on-demand pay benefit. But you don’t have to take our word for it …


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Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what others have to say …


Here’s what notable press has to say about us …

… the award-winning, gold standard on-demand platform offering comprehensive pay-experience solutions to world-class companies and their millions of employees”

The company is a pioneer in the on-demand pay industry and has helped bring the payment experience at organizations like Kroger Co, McDonald’s, Six Flags Entertainment, Berkshire Hathaway Inc, among others, into the 21st century.”

DailyPay is the leader in on-demand pay. The business offers an innovative platform that delivers cost-savings to customers and a host of benefits to their employees.”

“DailyPay is the leading FinTech provider for earned income software.”


Here’s what our valued clients have to say about us …

We made that decision [to go with DailyPay] because they were the most transparent, trustworthy and compliant solution, which eased our minds about any potential risk involved with adding this benefit.”

Dawn Ehrhart

SVP of Shared Services and Corporate Operations for the Americas

We considered several other on-demand pay vendors, but ultimately decided that DailyPay was the best choice for us. DailyPay was the most practical solution, the easiest to set up and use and, more importantly, we believed it provided the best benefit for our employees.”

Rob Schultz

SVP of HR & Compliance

This partnership has been so powerful, with DailyPay supporting our employees’ needs, helping us with our business goals, and always being accessible on the rare occasions when a user issue arises.”

Cindy Eisenmenger

VP of Cash Disbursements

I would recommend DailyPay to other companies who are looking to improve their benefits packages and increase their employee satisfaction. … Our employees love the financial security it provides and we love being able to help them without adding any extra work to our very full plates.”

Jasna Keller

HR Director, Primary Aim
(Wendy’s Franchises)


And here’s what our users have to say about us …

I check my balance at the end of the week to see how much I’ll get paid, which will give me an idea of what my budget will be. DailyPay definitely motivates me to pick up more hours. I’m hoping once this all blows over, it’ll help me save by knowing what will be put towards bills, what I can use, and what I can save.”

Ziasia G-A


It keeps me from being late on bills or being late on rent. It’s a lifesaver. DailyPay is right there to catch you when you’re falling.”

Kristen W.

G4S Secure Solutions

One of my favorite aspects of DailyPay is how private it is to use. No one has to know when I need help with my finances, and instead of reaching out elsewhere, I can take pride in knowing that I’m pulling from funds I’ve already earned and don’t need to pay back.”

Sandy A.

Ashley Manor

I use DailyPay for my car insurance, credit card, bills, I use it for everything. The first time I used DailyPay I used it for my credit card score so I could boost it up a little bit. It got boosted up to 30 points. Thank you to DailyPay because I paid my credit card bill weeks before I normally paid it off.”

Furah K.

Boston Market

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