DailyPay: The Benefit Duracell’s Employees Asked for by Name

Cover page of a case study by DailyPay and Duracell, with the title "Case Study" and subtitle "DailyPay: The Benefit Duracell's Employees Asked for by Name.

Partner: Duracell

US Headquarters: Bethel, CT

Industry: Manufacturing

Number of Employees: 3,500

Payroll Platform: ADP

Time & Attendance Platform: ADP Enterprise eTIME

Cassondra Forlenza is the HR Shared Services Associate Manager for Duracell. The HR Shared Services team is responsible for answering general HR questions, protecting personal data, and overseeing the benefits and payroll for the company’s 3,500+ employees across the globe (split between corporate and manufacturing). Recently, she met with DailyPay to discuss her experience implementing this benefit for her team and why her team requested DailyPay by name.

Here is an inside look into Cassondra’s experience:

Why did Duracell start using DailyPay?

“Our employees came to our HR team and asked for DailyPay specifically by name.

We had contractors working in our factories and wanted to hire them full-time. Their staffing agency had DailyPay and before we could hire the contractors full-time at Duracell, they wanted DailyPay here, too.

We usually host an annual review of our benefits offerings. In between review cycles, some employees in our manufacturing plants came to us with the idea of implementing DailyPay. Through on-demand pay vendor research, we determined DailyPay was the best fit for our employees.”

Why DailyPay?

“We chose DailyPay because of its strong security practices, reliable Customer Support team, and financial wellness resources.

DailyPay’s implementation team worked tirelessly with our IT and security teams to ensure that our employees’ data and privacy would be safe during transactions. Their website was great, especially the FAQ videos, which helped us answer any questions we had along the way.”

How do your employees use DailyPay?

“DailyPay’s features helped ensure that our employees would use the benefit responsibly while it assists them in budgeting and saving money. 

Transit and Food are the most common reasons for transfers, at 19% and 17% respectively. 47% of transfers are for less than $50. Employees take out less than half their paychecks 55% of the time they transfer.”

How are you measuring the success of DailyPay?

“We had a quick and large turnout in terms of downloading and utilizing DailyPay in our plants.

We review data and other key points at our monthly meeting with DailyPay. One of our plants has a very active DailyPay community and we’re excited to see it continue to spread to the other two plants. 

Overall, the results have been very positive so far, and we highly recommend offering DailyPay!”

Results from DailyPay’s data:

New employee adoption of 79%

Tenure is 59% higher in DailyPay users vs. non-users

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