Disburse Off-Cycle Payroll Payments.
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CYCLE enables payroll teams to disburse payments anytime, anywhere. Eliminate the hassle of issuing off-cycle payroll payments, and save time and money too!

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CYCLE Was Built With Flexibility in Mind

Disburse payments instantly and digitally

Running an off-cycle payroll payment used to be a hassle. But now with CYCLE, it’s easier than ever to instantly send off-cycle payments to a single employee or to multiple employees at the same time.

Send funds to any account or pay card

CYCLE gives you the flexibility to send electronic off-cycle payroll payments to any employee bank account or card, whether or not the employee uses PAY by DailyPay.

Start saving now

Save time and the cost of paper checks and shipping fees. With CYCLE, you can eliminate the cost of off-cycle paper checks and save on next-day postage rates too.

Use CYCLE for Any Type of Off-Cycle Payment

With CYCLE, it’s possible to process off-cycle payroll payments for all of these reasons, and more.


Disburse on-spot bonus payments, whenever you need to, without added headaches or hassles.

Termination Pay 

Ensure termination payments are compliant, timely and accurate with CYCLE.

Failed Payments or Errors

Resolve payment errors efficiently to prevent your employees from missing payments and/or incurring overdraft charges.

Batch Payments Now Available, Save Time Sending Payments

Eliminate manual processes by disbursing multiple payments instantly

  • Disburse multiple payments instantly

Standardize processes by digitally sending and tracking payments

  • Automatically validate payment status, ensuring tracking and accuracy

Respond quickly to your employees’ needs

  • Support employees by resolving their pay issues quickly

1. Late submissions and corrections are a top payroll concern, and 43% of employers have very low or limited process standardization (1).

2. COVID burnout is at an all-time high for employees (2).

See How CYCLE Saved Wireless Vision Time and Money

Using CYCLE, Wireless Vision is saving hours of work per week in multiple departments. Wireless Vision also estimates that it will save close to $50k in paper check printing and mailing fees annually.

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Wave Your Hands in the Air, and Wave Them Like You Just Don’t Care

Say goodbye to late nights making off-cycle payroll payments to employees or issuing checks for termination pay that can lead to serious medical issues including anger, frustration and irritability. With CYCLE – those problems disappear with this revolutionary new product, from DailyPay.

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