A PayEx™ Solution for Employers

56 million, or over one-third of American workers, have been forced to pay a bill late due to problems with their paycheck. CYCLE can help by enabling employers to disburse payments anytime, anywhere.

Eliminate the hassle of issuing off-cycle payments, and save time and money too! Check out our new CYCLE product release.

Take the hassle out of off-cycle payments

Making exceptions or one-off payments can be a hassle for payroll. With CYCLE from DailyPay, you don’t have to issue checks and send them out overnight. You can do it all with ease through CYCLE and have a payment sent electronically to any employee account instantly.

Disburse payments when you need to, instantly and digitally.

Send funds to any account or pay card.

Save time and the cost of paper checks and shipping fees.

We were thrilled to pilot this new feature as we are committed to providing our employees with the most flexible and convenient pay experience possible. We have been able to reduce our reliance on paper checks, and we gained a quick and simple solution to compensate for missing hours and PTO. Together, DailyPay and businesses like us can support the American workforce through even the most uncertain times.”

Rebecca Jarbo

Payroll Manager
Wireless Vision

The old way…

  1. Determine the net payment amount
  2. Coordinate across departments to issue a paper check
  3. Send the check out with overnight delivery.
  4. Wrong address? Now you’ve got to void the check
  5. Start over with Step 1 to issue a new check

The CYCLE way…

  1. Determine the net payment amount
  2. Enter payment amount and destination account
  3. Instantly receive confirmation of disbursement

Save time and money with CYCLE

Fast and flexible push payments

Disburse payments to any account or pay card

Save time by not having to issue paper checks

Save money by not having to mail checks

Save on costs and improve your bottom line. See how with free access to our white paper.