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Award-Winning Financial Platform for One and All

At DailyPay, we’ve created a platform that does so much more than give employees access to their earnings in real-time. Our platform forever changes the way money moves between employer and employee, between merchant and shopper, between financial institution and customer. Now money moves faster and smoother, and benefits each participant equally.

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The Executive Team

Meet the Full Team

Kevin Coop

Chief Executive Officer

Stacy Greiner

Chief Operating Officer

David Dyar

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Doerr

Chief Product Officer

Ron Munkittrick

Chief Financial Officer (Interim)

Jared DeMatteis

Chief Legal & Strategy Officer

Jeff Moyer

Chief Revenue Officer

Board of Directors

Adam Boyden

CeCe Morken

Kevin Coop

Rob Law

Jim Madden

Andy Sessions

Scott Parker


What We Believe

As we work to change pay for good, we keep our values at the forefront, allowing them to shape who we are, what we do and how we do it. These values are the cultural cornerstones that inform our decision-making processes, helping us provide the best solutions for our partners and our users.

Do Your Research

We believe that knowledge is power and challenge ourselves to be lifelong learners.

Start Simple

Don't worry about having all the answers, just get started.

See the Circle

We acknowledge that each of us plays an integral role in the company’s success.

Pull the Wagon

Each of us is willing and ready to do whatever it takes to move the company forward.

Move the Line

We challenge ourselves and push our own boundaries daily.

We Win With Diversity

We value each of our unique experiences and how they shape us. We learn from all to build for all.

Act Like an Owner

Move forward with purpose and invent the future.


Let’s Build a Better Financial System for All

Our mission is to build a new financial system that starts working, the minute work starts. Each of us believes that the long-term success of our company is 100% dependent on the success of our people —a collection of high-performing individuals who bring diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds to carry out our mission.


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