Diversity and Inclusion at DailyPay

Here at DailyPay, we are proud of our diversity. It is how we win. It is what makes us special, unique, and the gold standard in the marketplace.

DailyPay is a collection of high-performing individuals who bring a wide range of experiences, perspectives and backgrounds to our mission, resulting in a strong and inclusive culture and ironclad service for our partners and users.

To us, diversity means many things — gender, ethnicity, place of origin, language, educational background, socioeconomic status, work experience and interests.

We are proud of our history, placing diversity at the heart of our strategy.

5 employees

Welcomed our first woman as Employee 5

22 employees

Founding of DailyWomen Resource Group, our first ERG

December 2017
50 employees

Dr. Donna Hamlin Joins 4 person Board of Directors

Fall 2018
60 employees

Founding of DailyGay Resource Group

Spring 2019
75 employees

Founding of DailyNoire Resource Group

Summer 2019
100 employees

Jeanniey Walden (formerly Jeanniey Mullen) joins the three-person C-Suite as Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer

Spring 2020
200 employees

Founding of Diversity Leadership Committee

Summer 2020
215 employees

Inaugural company-wide paid holiday of Juneteenth

DailyPay Employee Resource Groups

Our affinity groups are a cornerstone of our culture. As we’ve grown, we’re proud to have built and supported five dynamic affinity groups that provide networking, mentoring, career development, and leadership opportunities for our diverse professionals and a forum to explore areas of interest. Currently, DailyPay offers the following resource groups for our employees:

DailyGay was formed to promote a work environment that values and promotes openness, tolerance and understanding. This group strives to strengthen and broaden relationships among LGBTQIA+ team members, their allies and the organization at large through sustained, healthy and supportive dialogue.

DailyNoire was formed to support an inclusive environment and be a resource and advocate for the employees at DailyPay a part of the Black diaspora. The DailyNoire Employee Resource Group for African American/Black employees works to create an inclusive environment for all African American/Black employees at DailyPay via diverse initiatives, networking, cultural events and social gatherings. The group’s goal is to bring awareness to African American/Black issues and to create an inclusive environment for employees and allies to thrive as professionals.

DailyWomen was formed to inspire, retain and advance talented women in the organization. In this group we recognize, support and celebrate one another, create a safe and open place for collaboration, exhibit care and concern for fellow members, and are dedicated to growing, learning and stretching our boundaries.