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Increase Employee Engagement With Instant Bonuses

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Empower your managers to disburse compliant spot bonus awards that recognize employees for a job well done or serve as an incentive to cover undesirable shifts. REWARD helps empower, incentivize and motivate employees, with no extra lift from your end.

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Top companies trust DailyPay to deliver on-demand pay services to their employees.

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Instant Bonus Payments Made Simple and Easy

Rolling out an on-the-spot incentive program that’s compliant and that effectively motivates employees used to be difficult, but with REWARD, it’s easy.


Managers can immediately acknowledge hard work, commitment and accomplishments by disbursing spot bonus awards right away.


Managers can easily issue on-the-spot bonus payments. DailyPay’s rich experience and best-in-class technology enable us.


REWARD payments are reported back to payroll via a reporting dashboard, which enables you to ensure tax compliance.

A Flexible Way to Recognize Employee Performance

With DailyPay’s REWARD product, you can give net amounts to employees at any time for reasons that include:

  • Picking up an extra shift
  • Providing exceptional customer support
  • Meeting a sales goal
  • Achieving team goals or hitting an individual milestone
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Spot Bonuses: REWARD vs. Cards

Looking for a compliant bonus solution that your employees will love? REWARD enables you to issue compliant spot bonuses. Say goodbye to non-compliant gift cards for good.

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Employers remain responsible for any tax withholdings and gross-ups, and REWARD is designed to seamlessly incorporate that into your payroll without complicating workflow.