REWARD Limited Release

A PayEx™ Solution for Employers

Keeping employees happy, engaged and motivated is a top priority for managers. REWARD by DailyPay empowers managers to recognize employees for a job well done, incentivizes employees to pick up additional shifts and creates a positive pay experience.

Incentives done right – that’s REWARD.


Managers have a real-time way to motivate workers and fill shifts.


The ability to receive instant rewards inspires employees to perform their best.


Payments are reported back to payroll via a reporting dashboard enabling you to ensure tax compliance.

Empower, Encourage and Ensure with REWARD


Empower your managers to fill shifts or motivate employees.


Ensure your employees’ incentive payments are compliant with REWARD.


Instant rewards encourage your workforce to be more productive.

It’s time that you joined the DailyPay Movement.