Simplify your On-the-Spot Bonus Payments

Incentivize and motivate employees with instant bonus awards through on-demand pay. Give your employees a high five for a job well done or as an incentive to cover an undesirable shift.

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A Flexible Way to Recognize Employee Performance

You can easily REWARD employees at any time for:

  • Picking up an extra shift
  • Providing exceptional customer support
  • Meeting an individual milestone
  • Achieving team goals

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Employers remain responsible for any tax withholdings and gross-ups, and REWARD is designed to seamlessly incorporate that into your payroll, without complicating workflow.

Spot Bonuses: REWARD vs. Cards

Looking for a bonus solution that your employees will love? We’ve got your back! REWARD enables you to issue spot bonuses and easily comply with your tax withholding and reporting obligations. Say goodbye to non-compliant gift cards for good.

Make Your Business a Place Where People Love to Work