Top companies are committed to their employees …

… giving them financial peace of mind this year. Are you?

With so many of your employees struggling right now, do what other top employers are doing. Give them on-demand pay.

A win-win benefit for you and your employees

With DailyPay, employees have access to their pay when they need it, in between paydays and, as a result, your company wins!


Companies often see a 45% or higher reduction in turnover.


Employees save, on average, $1,205 annually in overdraft fees, late fees and payday loan interest.

See how our clients and their employees benefit from DailyPay’s award-winning on-demand pay solution.

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With the most compliant solution for employee access to their earned income, DailyPay checks every box.


From signed contract to post-implementation, we do it all for you.


Instant pay access anytime, on any device, and to any account.


No disruption to any of your existing payroll systems or processes.


DailyPay is the industry leader in earned wage access compliance.

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The PayEx™ Platform: Built to Deliver Your Success

Our PayEx™ on-demand pay platform provides a frictionless, digital experience at every stage of the employee lifecycle – from recruitment through off-boarding. With our PayEx solution, employees can access their pay and tips early and save it as they earn it. You can also send rewards with compliance and process off-cycle payments with ease. PayEx provides an incredible pay experience with built-in earned pay access that makes employees happy, reduces turnover and increases productivity.



Eric accesses his PAY before payday to cover bills that are due before his next paycheck.


Jessica and Brandon start to SAVE for their upcoming weekend getaway, taking steps toward creating greater financial stability in their lives.



Scott motivates employees and fills shifts by sending an instant REWARD to employees who pick up extra shifts at the last minute.


Cameron disburses Melody’s final paycheck instantly using CYCLE, which enables off-cycle payroll processing.

on demand pay app
early paycheck access utilized by many brands
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Kroger uses earned wage access by DailyPay their on demand pay provider of choice

With the PayEx™ Platform, you get Total Excellence

We are aligned with your goals to enhance your employees’ financial wellness. Our on demand pay solutions integrate with existing payroll and HCM platforms and can be customized to meet your needs. From integration to on-site kickoffs, training videos to customer service support, we are by your side every step of the way.

DailyPay is a creative way to attract and retain talent. Modern workers want more flexibility, visibility and options at their fingertips. This benefit satisfies those expectations, while encouraging people who desire on-demand payment to apply for open positions, come to work each day and feel more engaged during their time on the job.

Amy Glasser, SVP


We’re always researching innovative tools and resources to provide our team members. Partnering with DailyPay was an easy decision. It allows our team members to achieve their financial goals and have better budget control 24/7, ultimately providing a better team member experience.

Shawn Jorgensen, VP of HR

Clayton Home Building Group

DailyPay is the only solution to turnover that I’ve seen in my 25 years that actually works. We have already seen a reduction of 41.9% in turnover from our workers who use DailyPay.

Geoff Gerks, CHRO


Providing a compelling new benefit to our employees is important in a competitive hiring landscape. Partnering with DailyPay to offer our workforce a much-needed and innovative benefit helps us to contribute to our employees’ financial security and reduces the financial stress they may have to deal with at work. That’s good for them, good for our stores and good for customers.

Tom Thiry, CFO

Dave’s Market

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