DialAmerica Reduced First Two-Week Attrition, Overall Turnover At Their Call Centers By Providing A Daily Pay Benefit

Partner Snapshot

Partner: DialAmerica

US Headquarters: Mahwah, New Jersey

Industry: Call Center

Number of Employees: 3,300+

Payroll Platform: Ceridian Dayforce

Time & Attendance Platform: In-house platform

Rob Schultz, SVP of HR & Compliance for DialAmerica, is responsible for overseeing all related HR and compensation functions for DialAmerica’s 3,300+ employees who work across 18 locations. DialAmerica, which is headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey, is one of the nation’s largest privately owned dedicated domestic call center companies. Rob was looking for a way to reduce attrition in the first two weeks that employees were on the job. Here’s what he had to say about the ways DailyPay has made a difference for his company and his employees since 2017:

Significant reduction in the first two-week attrition rate

Prior to the implementation of DailyPay, a challenge for us was that our agents didn’t receive their first paycheck for two weeks. So we were losing a percentage of agents who needed their earned income sooner than our regular pay cycle. 

We considered several other on-demand pay vendors, but ultimately decided that DailyPay was the best choice for us. DailyPay was the most practical solution, the easiest to set up and use and, more importantly, we believed it provided the best benefit for our employees. 

As a result of implementing DailyPay, we now have 58% less turnover in the first two weeks on the job among our agents who are using DailyPay compared to those who are not using DailyPay. I/we would have been pleased if it was just 5-7%, but 58% is phenomenal. The implementation of DailyPay has also helped us to reduce turnover by about 4.5% across our entire agent population.

A Day 1 benefit helps us compete, improves agents’ quality of life

Offering DailyPay definitely makes us more competitive in the call center candidate market. We hear frequently, throughout our network, that agents are very excited when they hear about DailyPay and the option to get their money before payday. As a new employee, you may be afraid to express certain financial needs. This apprehension leads some employees to look for other employment or stress about financial matters, taking away from their onboarding and training experience. DailyPay reduces this financial stress, allowing our employees to focus on the material being shared in training and allows for a more productive transition once they complete training. 

Offering DailyPay gives our agents options that they traditionally wouldn’t have. It reduces the employees’ overall stress of starting a new job and wondering ‘Can I wait to get paid if I need the money now?’ Those thoughts are replaced with ‘How can I get better at my job that affords me the opportunity to take advantage of the DailyPay benefit to access my money sooner, if needed.’ Having the ability to have options when it comes to getting paid improves our employees’ quality of life. With the addition of DailyPay, we have also seen positive improvements in first-month productivity.

Improved customer service tied directly to DailyPay

The longer we keep our employees, the more confident they become in their skills.  That confidence leads to better interactions with our clients’ customers. DailyPay keeps our agents here longer, increasing their skill set and improving customer experience. The way our agents are interacting with our clients’ customers has improved over the last few years. 

I can honestly say that the introduction of DailyPay has had the single most positive impact on our agent base in the 30 years I have been with DialAmerica.

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