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Embedded On-Demand Pay Solutions

Build customized on-demand pay solutions and features with DailyPay’s Extend API.

The Extend API enables you to add on-demand pay to your current application allowing users to view their earned pay and transfer their balance to any account.

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Payroll, Time and Attendance Integrations

Data Exchange Partnerships are built on DailyPay’s Data Exchange (DEX) API and file specifications. DailyPay’s DEX API syncs DailyPay and an employer’s payroll and time systems to help calculate an employee’s available balance.

DEX can be used to build integrations with most HR systems including SaaS, software and custom solutions.

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DailyPay Integrations

DailyPay integrates with 180+ HCM, payroll and time management systems to deliver its industry-leading on-demand pay products to millions of users.

Join the 180+ integrations we currently have in place by becoming an integration partner.

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