Leevers Supermarkets Shares Their Secret: On-Demand Pay Costs Less Than Moving to Weekly Payroll

The image features the logo of Dailypay on a dark blue background. The word "dailypay" is written in bold, orange lowercase letters. Next to it, there is a white, stylized illustration of mountains and the text "Leever's Supermarkets Inc." written in white uppercase letters.

Partner: Leevers Supermarkets, Inc.
US Headquarters: Franktown, Colorado
Industry: Retail/Grocery
Number of Employees: 500+
Paycard Provider: Comdata

Taylor Leevers, Special Projects Manager at Leevers Supermarkets, Inc., has a variety of responsibilities within the company. Recently he was tasked with implementing an HRIS platform, simplifying and updating systems, and finding an on-demand pay solution that best fits the company’s needs. Leevers is a 100% employee-owned company with over 500 employees in 17 stores across Colorado. Taylor wanted to ensure that he selected the on-demand pay provider that would best support the company’s culture of employee ownership. Here is what he had to say about why he chose DailyPay:

A well-developed product with seamless integration into our existing payroll system

When looking for a daily pay benefit provider, we were searching for a dependable solution with an easy integration to our HRIS platform, Dayforce HCM. We researched both DailyPay and Ceridian Wallet. At that time, Ceridian Wallet was still in beta testing, and would require our employees to be paid through Ceridian pay cards. Since our employees already use Comdata pay cards, which were relatively arduous to implement, we wanted to avoid starting from scratch with new pay cards for all employees. We also wanted to avoid the risk associated with being an early adopter of Ceridian Wallet as they worked through any issues at launch. DailyPay’s technology was more developed and established. For those reasons, we chose DailyPay as our on-demand pay provider.

The DailyPay integration process was very easy, and we are happy that we chose to offer DailyPay to our employees. To this day, DailyPay has helped us to continue to drive value for our 200+ employee-owners. Our employees that use DailyPay are very happy with the solution. They also love that their employer offers so many unique and valuable benefits like DailyPay and Employee Ownership.

A ripple effect of meaningful support

Our main reasons for seeking an on-demand pay benefit were to help increase retention and decrease turnover with all its associated costs. Originally, we thought of moving our payroll from bi-weekly to weekly but offering DailyPay costs us less administrative time and effort and allows employees to get paid instantly. Our employees that have chosen to take advantage of this benefit have been very happy, so we are happy with our choice to offer DailyPay instead of increasing our payday frequency.

We advertise DailyPay in all our online recruiting efforts to try to increase the number of qualified applicants who reach out to us regarding open roles. We also advertise this benefit on posters in our stores and in messages to our employees to encourage more of our workforce to take advantage of this opportunity.

We couldn’t be happier with the team we work with at DailyPay. Their people are their true differentiator against other on-demand pay providers. They have been very responsive, knowledgeable about the product, and they have great attitudes. They were very responsive and helpful through our implementation and afterward, we stayed with the same team which was great.

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