How Restaurants and QSRs May Help Employees During Supply Chain Disruptions

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How Restaurants and QSRs May Help Employees During Supply Chain Disruptions

After the last few years of navigating through COVID-19 restrictions, restaurants are currently facing new hurdles in supply chain shortages and delays.

From delivery disruptions to shortages in food and materials, supply chain issues are impacting  the entire restaurant and quick service restaurant (QSR) industry. According to a September 2021 survey, 95% of operators said their restaurants have experienced supply delays or shortages of key food and beverage items in the prior months.1

It has been difficult for restaurants to maintain their menus due to a lack of key ingredients, which has hurt the already overwhelmed and understaffed employees.2

Restaurant operators shouldn’t overlook the strain this may put on employees as they continue to deal with issues that interfere with their daily responsibilities. As the industry grapples with the operational stressors from supply chain issues, restaurants should prioritize employee wellness to further support them in challenging times.

Support Employee Wellness 

Restaurant and QSR employees have already endured the various obstacles of staying in operation throughout the pandemic, such as shifting customer service efforts to take-out only, outdoor dining, and more. As they now work through potential roadblocks from supply chain disruptions, restaurant owners and operators can increase efforts to support engagement and employee appreciation.

An option to support restaurant employees is to offer enhanced benefits such as on-demand pay. Restaurants and QSRs can empower their employees with more control over their financial wellness, in turn helping them feel more supported and valued by their employer. An on-demand pay benefit may also motivate employees who are feeling burned out.

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