What Will Get Hotel and Hospitality Employees to Return to Work?

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What Will Get Hotel and Hospitality Employees to Return to Work?

After a series of layoffs, which increased the demand and strain on remaining employees, over 50% of former hospitality employees report having no interest in returning to their former jobs in a Q2 2021 Joblist survey of job seekers.¹ In fact, over one-third of them say they’re completely uninterested in returning to the industry at all.² The former employees surveyed said they were seeking different work environments, higher wages, improved benefits packages, flexible working hours and remote work capabilities in their next roles. 

Understanding the changing needs of today’s workforce can help employers improve their relationships with former and current employees, earning back trust and creating more positive work environments. This may help encourage employees to return to their former jobs, attract new employees and set these businesses up for continued success.

Employee Experience Impacted by Industry Shifts

Residual changes from the pandemic are still affecting day-to-day operations at hotel and hospitality companies. Daily room-cleaning services, which were once standard for most hotels, are becoming a thing of the past now that they’re aren’t enough workers on hand to complete these tasks.³ Pressure then begins to mount as employees scramble to meet pre-pandemic level guest expectations. 


“It’s just a huge mess,” a furloughed Marriott employee told Business Insider. “The guests are very upset, and they take it out on the workers. That creates stress for the workers, and the workers are already doing double the work they were doing before.”⁴


By attuning themselves to employees’ concerns and focusing on improving their experience, hotel and hospitality employers can begin to rebuild trust and loyalty among staff. Happier employees are proven to provide better customer service, driving repeat business and long-term value for guests.⁵ However, figuring out where to begin with these improvements can feel like half the battle when so many new benefits are available.   

How Employers Can Create Meaningful Change

Managers have the power to support their employees by improving working conditions through better flexibility and work-life balance, professional development opportunities and improved total rewards strategies. When asked what would motivate them to return to work in a Q2 2021 Joblist survey of job seekers, 39% of former employees wanted higher pay, 23% sought better benefits and 20% were seeking a bonus.¹ It’s up to employers to determine which improvements their companies can afford and sustain, and what will give them the best return on their investments. 

As hotel and hospitality managers search for modern, cost-effective ways to improve their employee experience, on-demand pay may be a great solution. Access to on-demand pay may help employees feel valued, heard and that their needs are being met through every stage of the employee lifecycle. Offering DailyPay helps employers fill open positions 52% faster.⁶ This solution has also been proven to increase retention by up to 72% while improving employee satisfaction by up to 73%.⁶  Leveraging benefits of this nature may be a successful way to stay competitive through a constantly evolving labor market and motivate employees to return to work.

Want to see how on-demand pay may help entice your employees to return to work?

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