Supporting Hotel Employees Through Supply Chain Issues

Supporting Hotel Employees Through Supply Chain Issues

Hotel and hospitality employees may find themselves feeling overwhelmed with the current supply chain disruptions and commodity shortages, leading them to feel less equipped to do their jobs successfully.

However, employers may assist with added benefits to motivate and empower staff.

Similar to the challenge of meeting changing guest expectations, hotels should equip their employees with the knowledge and resources to address potential supply chain issues. 

Eighty-six percent of hotels reported in a November 2021 survey of 500 American Hotel & Lodging Members that supply chain disruptions are causing a moderate or significant impact on operations.1 Hotels typically need a larger inventory on hand to stock rooms and meet guests’ needs. Many hotels are dealing with supply issues for items including napkins, silverware, towels, sheets, and more.2

While these supply issues are an inconvenience for guests, they may also complicate matters for employees struggling  to meet customer expectations — especially if they’re ill-equipped from a potential lack of resources. If employees feel they don’t have the resources to do their job properly, they may become frustrated and less effective in their responsibilities.  

Focus on Employee Wellness to Support Staff 

While increasing employee benefits will not directly offset the effect of supply chain disruptions, it shows your employees that you care about their financial wellness and overall satisfaction. Research shows that these disruptions are unlikely to subside any time soon,3 so employees will continue to find themselves in stressful conditions. Hotel managers will need to be more savvy and innovative in  the ways they support their employees.

One way to empower workers is through financial wellness tools like on-demand pay, which may not only support your employees’ financial well-being but can also lead to better retention rates. According to a Mercator Advisory Group report in association with DailyPay, on-demand pay decreases turnover by up to 73%.

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