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The travel and hospitality industry took a huge hit in 2020, so it’s time to make sure you have a strong and dependable workforce ready to go as America reopens. Providing employees an on-demand pay benefit gives you an opportunity to do something really profound to deliver a better financial system and can help to keep staff satisfied so they stay longer.

Leading travel and hospitality companies choose DailyPay

Top travel and hospitality companies trust DailyPay to provide on-demand pay to their employees.

The PayEx®™ platform is the most accommodating on the market

DailyPay’s unique PayEx®™ platform provides must-have capabilities to make work simpler for your payroll team and your employees.

For Employees

Allows workers to receive their earned wages instantly or next day, between paychecks, to give employees unprecedented control over their pay.

Helps employees on the road to financial wellness, with the ability to save a portion of their paycheck, automatically each week.

For Employers

Eliminates the hassle and the expense of issuing off-cycle payments by enabling payroll teams to disburse payments anytime.

Allows managers to instantly and compliantly recognize an employee for a job well done or for picking up an additional, hard-to-fill shift.

Why travel and hospitality companies choose DailyPay?

DailyPay supports your workforce with access to their earned pay, helping them to pay bills on time and save for emergencies. Your company will benefit from reduced turnover costs and your guests will receive better service from happier employees!

Reduced Turnover

According to a recent Mercator report, there is up to 72% less turnover in DailyPay users, potentially saving you millions each year.

Twice as many applicants

There are twice as many applicants for open roles that advertise DailyPay which is extremely important as your industry reopens.

A successful financial wellness tool

74% of DailyPay users said that it has reduced their financial stress and 85% of users say that DailyPay helps them budget and pay large monthly bills on time.1

Higher Employee and Guest Satisfaction 

73% of employees have an improved opinion of their employer because of DailyPay. Guests who experience great customer service are 10 to 30% more loyal.

Improved Productivity 

56% of DailyPay users say DailyPay motivates them to pick up more shirts and 59% of users say DailyPay motivates them to go to work.1

Faster Hiring

Advertising DailyPay in job listings fills open positions in half the time, helping you beat the competition as the hospitality industry reopens.

1. DailyPay User Survey

Ready to reduce turnover?

Arbor Lodging Management welcomes DailyPay with open arms

Arbor Lodging Management, a hospitality company based in Chicago, was looking for a way to ease the minds of their employees after noticing that their employees were anxious about making it to payday. So the company started to look for a solution. They were able to put their employees minds at ease with DailyPay, by reducing their fear of not being able to pay bills on time. Arbor Lodging also liked that DailyPay has transparent, ATM-like fees, eliminating the need for employees to pay extra in overdraft fees and payday loans.

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See the impact for yourself

The following are results from a hospitality company with more than 5,700 employees nationwide.


increase in team member tenure.


of users have an improved opinion of their employer after using DailyPay.


of users say that DailyPay motivates them to go to work.

A suite of reasons to give travel and hospitality employees DailyPay

72% of U.S. employees want access to their wages before their scheduled payday. With DailyPay, your employees can access their earned pay and even transfer a portion of it into a savings account — before payday.

Simple and easy

Employees have access to up to 100% of their net earned pay and can transfer it to any account or pay card, instantly or the next day.

Transparent and fair fees

Employees pay a fixed, ATM-like fee only at the time of transfer request. The fee doesn’t change regardless of the employee’s destination account.

$1,205 yearly savings

U.S. employees save $1,205, on average, each year in late fees, overdraft fees and payday loan interest by having access to their earned pay.

Top of the line support catered to you

When you choose us as your on-demand pay solution, we handle all service and support calls. We do all payroll reconciliations. Basically, we take care of everything so you don’t have to worry. That’s why we’re the recognized gold standard in on-demand pay with:

  • In-house, domestic employee support via phone, email and chat
  • Dedicated implementation manager and ongoing support staff
  • Account manager designated as your day-to-day contact

Integration with your payroll and time & attendance systems? Easier than keyless entry.

There isn’t a payroll or time & attendance system that we can’t work with. So no need for any integration worries on your part! And we have integration relationships with the top HCM and payroll companies, so we probably have a prior integration with your systems.

Talk with our experts to learn how easy it is to get up and running.

Give employees what they need and want

“DailyPay provides our team members with the motivation to increase their hours worked, because they can see the benefit immediately after their shifts end in their balance available for transfer. This helps us to bring in people, get them to sign up for shifts and be more readily available because our team members get the instant gratification of having the money there any time they need it.”

Catherine Henke

Payroll Benefits & HRIS Director

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