A PayEx®™ Solution for Employees

78% of working Americans are searching for cost-free ways to help them save (DailyPay, 2020). DailyPay SAVE encourages employees to save by offering three ways to set aside their earnings, before payday, and start building a savings safety net. SAVE is completely free, and it enhances the employee experience in a powerful way.

3 Free Ways to Save.


Build a savings safety net with regularly scheduled savings.


Save different amounts each pay period, on-demand, at any time.


Save before you spend. Allocate earnings to savings when a PAY transfer is requested.

You Should Never
Have to Pay to SAVE.

We know that there can be barriers that prevent people from saving. That’s why, unlike many on-demand pay apps, SAVE is 100% free. Employees also have the freedom to put money in their own savings account, so they can earn interest on their money and make withdrawals whenever they choose to. It’s another incentive to begin the habit of saving.

SAVE Develops Good Financial Habits for Every Employee in Your Company.

A powerful element in the PayEX™ platform, SAVE is integrated with DailyPay PAY to build the strongest pay experience and ensure financial stability.


Reduce PAY usage when they SAVE


Reduce PAY transfer amounts when they SAVE


SAVE every pay period


SAVE for anticipated medical expenses

I put $20.00 to $50.00 a week away. I use DailyPay for gas or groceries, doctor appointments, etc. Putting $20.00 to $50.00 a week away you can save a lot of money without going broke. DailyPay helps so you can move forward and have money from your next paycheck without using the money you are saving.

Alyssa Henderson

Adecco Employee

Our employees appreciate the flexibility to customize DailyPay to their ever-changing needs. Seeing them use both the SAVE and PAY features has been great. It is creating a powerful pay experience.

Barbie Winterbottom, CHRO