How to Meet Changing Hotel Guest Expectations

How to Meet Changing Hotel Guest Expectations

Your employees are the face of your business and the foundation of your success. As travel levels increase, hotel and hospitality companies should consider everything in their power to guarantee your employees put their best foot forward to meet evolving guest expectations. 

As hotels transition closer to normal operations, guest expectations will also change. While guests may have accepted reduced service or amenities during the height of the pandemic, they likely expect certain services to resume, including breakfast1

Additional guest expectations impacted by the pandemic include2:  

  • Improved hygiene measures: Cleanliness isn’t just about presentation. Guests expect a clean, sterile, and safe environment throughout their stay. 
  • Touchless payment and check-in: Minimized contact or contact-free options have become more popular throughout the pandemic. This has trickled over to the hotel experience.    
  • Flexible cancellation policies: COVID-19 quarantines mean plans may change. Hotel guests don’t want to get slapped with excessive fees over a cancellation. 

The aforementioned features may have once been an added bonus, but they’re quickly increasing in demand for guests. Hotel and hospitality companies may want to consider adding similar features to work to meet guest expectations. 

Empower Staff to Meet Changing Guest Expectations 

A commitment to employee well-being may result in better employee engagement and more productivity3. Highly productive and motivated staff may make an invaluable impression on the guest experience. 

Typically, low pay and insufficient benefits are among the most common causes of low employee retention4. Hotel and hospitality companies may work to address low employee

retention through an on-demand pay benefit that will give employees more control over their finances and may contribute to their well being5

In addition to supporting your employees, an investment in on-demand pay may prove valuable for hotels and hospitality. According to a Mercator Advisory Group report in association with DailyPay, on-demand pay reduces employee turnover by up to 73%6. Higher retention rates likely mean your employees are more satisfied with their jobs7.  

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