Delaget Sponsors DailyPay’s Annual Revenue Kick-Off

This year’s DailyPay Revenue Kick-Off (RKO) is sponsored in part by Delaget, the leading operational software provider for restaurant reporting and metrics. As partners, DailyPay and Delaget share a joint mission to improve the lives of the American workforce by providing innovative and seamless solutions to the companies that employ them.

“Delaget’s relationship with DailyPay is strong and centered around common goals,” Delaget’s CRO, Dave Sandhoefner said. “The team at DailyPay is dedicated to serving their customers and going all-in on our partnership to maximize the number of QSR employees that have access to earned pay through Delaget.”

Delaget is the top operational data solutions provider to restaurants with more than 20 years’ experience working with franchisors and franchisees. Nationally recognized for their reliable, user-friendly dashboards: Delaget Coach, Delaget Detect, and Delaget Delivery can be found in more than 13,000 restaurants today – saving operators countless hours each day, while ensuring data transparency and integrity to enable growth.

The DailyPay RKO is an annual meeting featuring keynote speakers and revenue planning. We would like to thank Delaget and all of our sponsors for supporting our 2022 RKO.

To learn more about DailyPay and Delaget’s partnership, check out our case study about our relationship with MAS Restaurant Group and Delaget.

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