MAS Restaurant Group partners with DailyPay and Delaget to improve retention in the QSR Industry

Partner: MAS Restaurant Group

  • Partner: MAS Restaurant Group
  • US Headquarters: Houston, TX
  • Industry: QSR
  • Number of Employees: 2,200
  • Payroll Platform: ADP Workforce Now®
  • Time & Attendance Platform: eRestaurant
  • Pay Card: ADP Wisely
  • Data Aggregator: Delaget

MAS Restaurant Group is a Taco Bell franchise with 111 locations in two states, employing a workforce of over 2,200 employees. In an industry that is constantly plagued by high employee turnover, MAS Restaurant Group sought out technology solutions to bolster their recruiting and retention strategies. MAS Restaurant Group works with DailyPay and Delaget. DailyPay, the gold standard in on-demand pay, and Delaget, the leading operational software provider have partnered to help improve client success. Prior to finding these two technology partners, MAS Restaurant Group did not have sophisticated technology to aid with their recruitment and retention strategies. Manny Chavez, the Director of Information Technology at MAS Restaurant Group, sat down with Delaget and DailyPay to discuss how using these two solutions has aided in MAS Restaurant Group’s success.

Great tools we needed for retention and recruitment

At MAS Restaurant Group we are always looking for recruitment and retention tools and ways to keep our employees happy. A lot of our employees are Gen Zers with a desire for instant gratification. DailyPay seemed like a great idea to help make our employees happy, if we could make it work. Fortunately, DailyPay has been a great fit from the get-go and so far it has worked really well, so we include DailyPay in our recruitment materials. It’s always hard to retain employees in the QSR space, so it’s been great to have a retention tool like DailyPay. I consider DailyPay to be part of our culture and our employees like our culture.

Employees are committed 

I have found that our employees who use DailyPay are very committed to it. We were surprised by how quickly it was adopted in the field. We don’t have a lot of casual DailyPay users, those who use it are very committed to using it on a regular basis. DailyPay makes us look like magicians to our employees. Our employees think that this benefit takes a lot of work for us to provide it to them, but in reality, it’s very easy.

Great enrollment very quickly

We didn’t know a lot about DailyPay at first, and our team members didn’t either, but adoption was fast and seamless. We just don’t have many problems with DailyPay, and I haven’t heard any complaints from our team members about any problems. If we’re reaching out to DailyPay, it’s not for their customer support, it’s usually to ask how we can better market this solution to our employees, because we know the value of it and want our employees to enroll. In the first six months after implementing DailyPay, there has been more than 45% enrollment. In addition to great enrollment, DailyPay has seen that our employees who are using DailyPay stay about 21 days longer than those who don’t.

Easy for our corporate team

People here, on our corporate team, like DailyPay, and myself and my payroll team don’t have to spend a ton of time managing it. There’s only 16 people on the corporate team and not a lot of time for everything. DailyPay is something that you can “set and forget,” which is GOLD.

Delaget has been a godsend ever since our CFO brought them on as a partner. What’s measurable is achieved, what is measured can be achieved! They were able to take all the data from our existing 75 stores running on one system and our new 36 stores on another system, and marry them together to provide one set of comprehensive reports to upper management and restaurants. Delaget’s Coach provides tools to know what it is that managers need to be working on with their staff.

DailyPay and Delaget have a partnership and both of these tools make our lives easier and allow us to focus on things that aren’t as easy to run.

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