DailyPay Announces VP and Senior Director Promotions

Pictured left to right above: Michelle Bonavitacola, Kate Cheesman, Jak Lerdgidkjon, Ghani Iberraken and Dan Heberden

At DailyPay, we are extremely proud to announce the following promotions to Vice President and Senior Director. These five individuals have proven themselves to be exceptionally talented employees and we are grateful for their past accomplishments and excited to see what they bring to their new roles. They are an integral part of helping us solve the challenges that will transform our financial system for good.

Vice Presidents

Dan Heberden, VP of Engineering

Dan started at DailyPay in August 2020. As VP of Engineering, Dan will be responsible for the growth of DailyPay’s R&D organization across North America, including teams in NYC, Austin and MSP as well as remote workers in the post-Covid landscape. Dan will also head up infrastructure and all Front End work for DailyPay products, working to ensure that DailyPay has a consistent and productive R&D team, regardless of the location, and that his teams work together to ensure that DailyPay’s tremendous growth rate continues.

Ghani Iberraken, VP of Capital Markets

Ghani joined DailyPay in March 2019 and leads the Capital Markets team that is an integral part of our platform. This team is responsible for leveraging the capital markets to support the growth of our products, for driving the evangelization of the Earned Wage Asset Class, and for underwriting all partners under rigorous credit standards and overseeing the credit risk management of DailyPay. Ghani is an essential contributor to DailyPay’s ability to grow and scale via his work in ensuring that these processes are the gold standards of our industry.

Senior Directors

Michelle Bonavitacola, Head of Revenue Enablement & Operations 

Michelle started at DailyPay in May 2017 after meeting Jason and Rob when she was running the shared work space that DailyPay occupied prior to moving to our new offices. During her time at DailyPay, Michelle has been pivotal in the growth of our company in countless ways.At the beginning of 2020, Michelle took on the immense task of building out a Sales Enablement team from scratch. Having no prior experience in this role, she aggressively self-educated and began to establish a list of priorities that would be pivotal to the overall success we had over the last year. In 2021, she has earned the additional responsibility of building out another new department, Revenue Operations.

Kate Cheesman, Senior Director, Partner Success

Kate joined DailyPay in January 2018, and she has been instrumental in building our customer-focused teams and forging a true “partner first” culture within those groups. Kate currently leads DailyPay’s implementation and customer service functions and has been key to establishing DailyPay as the gold standard for service in our industry. Kate has also been an integral player in developing and growing many of our largest partnerships, including those with Kroger, Target and McDonald’s.

Jakgrid Lerdgidkjon, Senior Director, Channel Partnerships

Jak began his career at DailyPay in May 2018. He leads the Channel Partnership team and has successfully grown the team from two to 13 in only two short years. Jak and his team have enabled DailyPay to build and develop strategic relationships with leading HCM and financial institutions to ensure a seamless DailyPay experience for every organization and employee. 

We congratulate each of these new VPs and Senior Directors on their recent promotions and look forward to seeing them continue to help DailyPay to rewrite the invisible rules of money.

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