2023 DailyPay Rewind

2023 DailyPay Rewind" text on a vibrant, abstract background featuring stars, swirls, and the DailyPay logo at the bottom.

2023 was a busy year for the DailyPay community, let’s check out how the numbers add up 

The DailyPay community keeps growing and growing. DailyPay serves 900+ clients on the daily.1

Our clients and their employees keep the country moving. Across our hundreds of clients, Over 4 million employees have access to DailyPay.2

That’s a lot of hard-working people! 

All in all, our users used DailyPay to spend money on the moments that matter most. DailyPay users transferred over $7 billion in 2023.3

Check out our full breakdown in the infographic below.

Colorful infographic detailing the success of a product launch. Includes statistics on user engagement, milestones achieved, and future projections, with various decorative elements showcasing success.
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3 Internal Database:DailyPay, 2020

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