Can On-Demand Pay Change the World?

We think so. That’s why we’re building a platform to make money move easier, better and smarter for workers and employers.

The PayEx® suite of products and services was designed to revolutionize the experience of pay. Our flagship PAY product changed the way employees access their money, but we are not stopping there. Our on-demand pay platform is changing the rules – so workers and employers can both win.


Change the Rules.
Change the Game.

The DailyPay on-demand pay platform provides the most advanced, accurate and frictionless pay experience.

PayEx® is simple

DailyPay is the most advanced, accurate and elegant pay experience, which can be adopted with ease and integrated seamlessly into any organization’s existing tech stack.

PayEx® is flexible

Our first-of-its-kind technology platform transforms the way money moves, while integrating effortlessly with existing HCM systems with no change to any element of the payroll process.

PayEx® is compliant

Our platform is built on best-in-class technology and reporting infrastructure, enabling you to stay compliant with all applicable wage deduction, tax and consumer finance laws and regulations.

Real Results.

These are the results that DailyPay partners have experienced using the PayEx®™ suite.


up to 72% improvement on turnover rate 1


annual savings for employees 2


Twice as many job applicants for open positions 3


Improvement in employees’ opinion of their employer 4

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More than metrics

Employee PayEx® Suite

Money where it should be.

It started as a simple question in 2016 – why do hard working people have to wait for their money, but can access almost everything else instantly? The PayEx® suite ensures continuous access to funding so that no one has to worry about waiting for what is already theirs.


Access up to 100% of earned pay instantly with our flagship PAY product. DailyPayers use PAY for essential needs, because their work is essential.

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Access pay instantly with PAY, and proactively decide how to divvy it out with SAVE. With three different ways to SAVE toward financial freedom, DailyPay offers the most comprehensive, flexible solution.

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Employer PayEx® Suite

Let’s create a new financial system, together.

Employees get instant access to the earnings in real-time. Employers get a more motivated workforce.

On-Demand Pay (ODP) is proven to increase employee retention, satisfaction and productivity. With a growing workforce and competitive markets, EWA also boosts applicant pools.


Recognize your employees with a streamlined, instant, digital solution. Say goodbye to manual payroll processes and gift cards. No risks, all REWARD.

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Do you enjoy peace of mind? Us too. CYCLE takes the hassle out of off-cycle payments through digital disbursement.

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Extending PayEx®

Go further and extend into new possibilities

DailyPay’s powerful on-demand pay API can help your business win business.


Plug on-demand pay into your HCM platform or white-label the recognized gold standard in on-demand pay to help you and your customers win big.

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