The On-Demand Pay Solution

PayEx™ – a pay on demand solution that helps employees access cash to pay bills and build financial wellness.

71% of employees agree that “HR really doesn’t understand what people like them need and want.” (Gartner)

Today’s employees have frictionless on-demand experiences with everything in their personal lives, from cars to coffee, vacations, food delivery and more, but their work experiences are much different. 

Your workforce increasingly wants the same relevant, convenient and engaging experiences they have outside of work to be replicated on the job. Our revolutionary PayEx™ platform delivers an innovative pay experience that gives your employees on-demand earned wage access and the ability to save before payday, so they can pay bills and budget intelligently. Offering PayEx enables your workforce to harness the power of on-demand real-time pay and strengthens the bond between you and your workforce.

PayEx™ Products


Gives employees instant access to their pay. Worked eight hours on a Tuesday? Get paid right after your shift on the same day.

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Three ways to save ensure that any employee has the tools to start the habit of saving. Want to take a pay advance and save for the future? Put part of it in your personal savings account.

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Allows employers to manage off-cycle payroll payments. Have an employee who’s leaving the company? Easily disburse their final paycheck.

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Enables employers to send spot bonus award payments and company-paid incentives to their employees. Want to reward outstanding performance or fill an undesirable shift? Send out a bonus.

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Why Choose PayEx™?

Highest Security Standards

Security and compliance are vital for real-time payment systems. Our system does not require employees to share any banking credentials. We perform rigorous annual audits and monthly testing.

Industry Leader in EWA Compliance

DailyPay is the industry leader in compliance. We’re the only earned wage access platform that protects you from wage deduction, tax and consumer finance risk.

No Cost to Employers

As an employer, PayEx™ gives you the flexibility to cover all, part or none of the costs for your employees. Choose what works best for you and your employees.

Seamless Integration

PayEx™ works with your existing payroll and time management systems. No changing your payroll workflows. No additional work for your payroll teams.

Commitment to Excellence

Our Total Excellence program is an ultra-premium service offered to large employers at no cost. It’s a collaborative service that ensures your end-to-end experience is a success.

DailyPay works with the best-in-class integration & alliance partners so PayEx™ can integrate seamlessly with your company.
DailyPay is an ADP Marketplace Partner.

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PayEx™ Benefits Your Employees, too.

For an employee, the biggest hurdle to engaging in their financial well-being is knowing where to start. PayEx™ breaks down the barrier and makes it easy for employees to manage their income starting with access to their pay after every shift.

Your Employees Can…

  • Access their earned income before payday
  • Send their wages straight to savings
  • Receive bonuses and incentives
  • Receive off-cycle payments

With record-low unemployment numbers, DailyPay is a creative way to attract and retain talent. Modern workers want more flexibility, visibility and options at their fingertips. This benefit satisfies those expectations, while encouraging people who desire on-demand payment to apply for open positions, come to work each day and feel more engaged during their time on the job.

Amy Glasser, SVP

Providing a great technology experience not only drives user adoption, but it also helps organizations to engage and retain their workforce.

Mike May, Senior Director

I see DailyPay being the future of how people get paid, and I think more companies and employers should go for it!

Angie Bolus, Manager
Sprinkles Brookfield

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