A PayEx® Solution for Employees

Over 60% of today’s workforce is unsure about their ability to handle economic uncertainty (Mercator, 2020). Bills, rent and emergencies don’t always coincide with traditional pay periods. PAY from DailyPay eliminates the uncertainty associated with a paycheck and gives employees access to their pay and tips when they need it, and the ability to plan — before payday arrives. We reduce financial stress and increase financial stability.

100% On-Demand Access
to Earned Pay

PAY gives your employees 100% access to their earned pay on any device, at any time.

The lowest fees. No subscriptions. No confusion.

can instantly access their earned pay

Or employees can receive funds on the next business day

You choose who pays the fee: you, your employees or a combination of the two

PAY Extension: FlexTips New

Make non-cash tips & gratuities available instantly.

Save your business time and money by digitizing tips. FlexTips, an extension of the PAY experience, gives your employees full flexibility and control over when they access tips and gratuities. With FlexTips, you can say goodbye to worrying about cash shortages and say hello to cost-savings and real-time insights into what your employees are earning.

Real Results. Real Impact.


Decrease in Turnover


Increase in Job Satisfaction


Increase in Productivity


More Likely to Accept Your Job Offer

Precise and Compliant Pay Balance, Every Time.

DailyPay is the only provider that uses a patent-pending, proprietary algorithm to provide a close-to-net Pay Balance, in real-time, for each employee. We call this our Dynamic Income Algorithm (DIA), which provides employees access to up to their full estimated net earnings.

How It Works


An employee uses the DailyPay app to access their earned pay.


The employee chooses when they want to get paid on-demand — instant pay or on the next business day.


DailyPay funds and pays the employee, to whatever bank account or pay card they choose.

Trusted by the Leading Payroll and HCM Companies. Fast and Effective. No Change to Your Process.

ADP Marketplace Partner Testimonial: DailyPay + Sprinkles

Sprinkles has seen an increase in retention, particularly among their part-time population.

Automatic feeds between ADP and DailyPay allow data to be shared without manual intervention or the need for additional resources.

According to Sprinkles, “Offering DailyPay is empowering our people to be in complete control of their finances. We chose DailyPay to take care of our people. And it’s no cost to us!”