Why Employees Love DailyPay

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When you partner with DailyPay you are giving your employees control over their finances in a way like never before. 

Offering DailyPay promotes saving and healthy spending habits. The Aite Group estimates frequent payday loan users save between $624 to $930 annually by using DailyPay and after starting it, 95% of users stopped or reduced using predatory payday loans.

DailyPay’s easy access to on-demand pay provides a service loved by millions of users. In fact, the DailyPay app is rated #60 on the top 100 list of finance apps in the App Store. But don’t just take it from us, here are some recent app reviews from our users regarding…

Saving Money:


“Absolutely love this app. Pay goes where it is supposed to, savings go to where I want it. No problems ever!”

-Kim M


“This has eliminated the need for payday loans. I’m saving so much money by not making myself prey to predatory lenders.”

-Barrett T.


“This is a lifesaver! I love it! Transfer next day instead of immediately and there’s no fee. But when you need it immediately, it’s there!! And actually saving money is easy when just a small portion guess directly into your savings account and you never see it (unless you look for it). Truly this app is a life-saver! My future kids will thank me, lol.”

-Jami J.

Easy access to earned pay:


“This is an awesome app. I needed money right away for a ride to work. The instant transfer from my paycheck to my bank account in two minutes when normally apps like this one take days. They’re also super informative of the breakdown of my paycheck. They have a way to save money from my paycheck too, which is great.”

-Jeremiaj W


“Safe, Easy, Professional”

-Viveca D.


“I love this app. It’s easy to use. No muss no fuss.”

-Sara W.


“I have used this in between paychecks to help me out when times have been rough financially (aka my wedding lol!). I feel like we’ve all been there when it comes to needing help before payday hits and I was blown away by how easy/efficient this app/service was. Would highly recommend!”

-Amber N.


“The app is very accurate and very simple to navigate. The experience is very easy and to be able to access your money daily is great. Very cool app for everyday expenses. A must have.”


More control over their own finances:


“If you work for your money you should have access to it whenever you need it, not just on payday!. The DailyPay app allows you to have access to your funds whenever you need them. As long as you work and your employer utilizes DailyPay, you have control over your money. I recommend this app to everyone who works hard for their money.”



“Puts in the driver’s seat. You are in control and can save and spend wherever you want once your shift is over.”


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