DailyPay CEO, Jason Lee, Named One of the Top 50 Financial Technology CEOs of 2021

DailyPay is honored to have our CEO, Jason Lee, named one of the Top 50 Financial Technology CEOs of 2021. This year’s awardees are some of the most successful and accomplished leaders in the fintech industry.

This award is given to leaders across the financial technology sector who have extensive experience in industries, such as finance, investment banking, software engineering, consumer technology and retail, who have used their expertise to create solutions for various market gaps. They are leaders of companies in industries that include personal finance, insurance, payments, investment management, cryptocurrency trading, real estate and many other areas. As this industry booms, these CEOs are continuing to grow their financial services to support their consumers.  

Many of the awardees have led their companies to new peaks by expanding their products, services and areas of coverage. They have managed to overcome obstacles in their various industries to improve their products and services. 

Under Jason Lee’s watch, DailyPay has created a best-in class technology platform that features the gold standard in on-demand pay. He has led his team through the COVID-19 pandemic and helped employers and employees across the country get through it as well, by offering a variety of products that ease the workload of employers while making everyday life simpler for employees. DailyPay is is on a mission to build a better financial system that starts working the minute work starts.

Congratulations to Jason and all of the other awardees!

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