DailyPay Proudly Announces Its 2020 Director Class

DailyPay is proud to announce the promotions of some incredibly talented and hard-working members of our team. Join us in celebrating our 2020 Director Class:

Lisa Cardone, Director of Business Analytics

Lisa’s tenure at the company has been focused on building a first-class analytics capability and culture here at DailyPay, complete with tools, cadences and visualization, setting us apart from the competition.

Erin Carmichael, Director of Finance and Controller

Erin has been instrumental in building out our ERP system and our accounting team, and in establishing a strong control environment to support DailyPay’s exciting hypergrowth that she has been a huge contributor to. 

Jelani Harris, Director of Corporate Development

Since joining the company, Jelani has managed some of our most important initiatives. Ensuring that we take a focused and robust market approach to managing key structural initiatives, Jelani has proven himself to be indispensable to the Executive Office and to DailyPay.

Tom Opatz, Director of Payment Operations

Tom is tasked with building out the Minneapolis payment operations team. Tom started managing the initial team of eight when they were onboarded in June 2019 and has since grown it to a team of 16. The operation will continue to scale as DailyPay adds more partners. Additionally, Tom has worked to develop operational controls and procedures to ensure payment accuracy and timeliness. 

Alexey Nefedov, Staff Data Scientist

Alexey has played a critical role in the organization in gathering and analyzing informative and pivotal research data associated with DailyPay’s users, partners and the industries they serve. This has given our company a considerable advantage over the competition.

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