DailyPay’s New Brand

The image features the word "dailypay." in a bold, white serif font centered against a bright orange background. The text is in lowercase letters with a period at the end, creating a simple and striking visual design.

We’ve taken a bold and courageous step. We’ve updated the DailyPay brand — a new look, a new tone and a new mission. We hope you love it as much as we do. 

At DailyPay, we’ve got a big job! We’re creating the next financial system, by rewriting the invisible rules of money. We are challenging conventions and building this new financial system for everyone, and it all starts with pay. 

We’ve put a tremendous amount of thought into every element of how we communicate best about what DailyPay is doing. Research, interviews, conversations and insights all informed the choices we made. You might be interested in some of the insights that drove our new brand choices. 

Courageous yet considered

We’ve chosen a new set of colors to reflect who we are. Colors that introduce the warmth and depth of our humanity.  We are leaders in our space, willing to break new ground and question dogmatic beliefs. We take this responsibility seriously, keeping the broader implications top of mind. We are nimble, thoughtful and careful — employers and employees alike can trust that we have their best interests at heart.

Candid yet understanding

Our tone is inviting, It shows we are open, honest and willing to have tough conversations about changing the way things are done. But we’re not disruptors for disruption’s sake — we believe in our core mission to remake finance for the better, so we handle these conversations with empathy and understanding.

Dedicated yet aware

Our new font is creatively purposeful and bespoke. We’re committed to rewriting the invisible rules of money — which means we have to know the existing ones well. We’re persistent in our mission but respectful of the work that’s gone before.

Empowering yet egalitarian

Every image challenges you to think. Is it a rising sun, a coin flip, demonstrating the change we are driving, or is it simply money in the bank? We are creating in a way that allows us to champion the individual, but our goal is to create a rising tide that lifts all boats. Employers, employees and merchants alike can feel more confident in their relationships and take pride in the value they create, because of the platform we’re creating and the support we provide.

Keep an eye on us, because our new brand is just getting started.

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