DailyPay Achieves Exclusive Listing in Newly Launched HHAeXchange Partner Connect Program

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Now available in HHAeXchange Partner Connect, DailyPay’s Technology Platform allows HCBS providers, reaching over 700,000 employees, to improve workflow efficiency and streamline operations 

NEW YORK, June 24, 2021 DailyPay, the industry-leading technology platform that is disrupting the financial system, announced that it has joined the newly launched HHAeXchange Partner Connect marketplace. HHAexchange Partner Connect is an exclusive partner community that provides HHAeXchange customers with direct integrations to industry-leading solutions that streamline homecare agency operations and improve caregiver satisfaction. HHAeXchange works with 700,000 caregivers and back-office employees nationwide.

“We are proud to announce this new partnership with HHAeXchange,” Emilio Güémez, Product Manager, Integrations at DailyPay said. “By joining forces, we will be able to help homecare providers reduce turnover costs and improve the experience of their employees. In turn, their less stressed employees will be able to provide higher-quality care to their clients. This is a mutually beneficial partnership that is bound to impact so many people’s lives in a very positive way.”

HHAeXchange Partners are a select group of solution providers that have proven experience building innovative software solutions for home and community-based services (HCBS). DailyPay is available to HHAeXchange customers today via Partner Connect, which provides a seamless integration.

DailyPay’s industry-leading technology platform features a Digital Wallet Solution — a compliant, full-service on-demand pay solution with numerous unique features to serve employees and employers. DailyPay offers capabilities such as PAY, SAVE, CYCLE and REWARD, each of which was specifically designed to improve the pay experience for employers and employees alike. This technology is especially useful for HCBS providers since it provides a much-needed financial lifeline for their employees. It helps to ease their financial insecurity so they can focus on their work and provide the most comprehensive care possible to their clients.

Learn more about the HHAeXchange Partner Connect program and DailyPay’s solutions here.

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