DailyPay Announces Its 2021 Class of Directors

A collage of six professional headshots, arranged in two rows of three. The individuals vary in gender, hair color, and dress styles, all appearing in business attire. The top row depicts a woman with blonde hair, a bald man with a beard, and a woman with long brown hair. The bottom row shows a man with short dark hair, an Asian woman with long black hair, and a woman with shoulder-length brown hair.

At DailyPay, we are extremely fortunate to have an incredible and talented group of employees, and we are excited to watch them grow in their careers. We are thrilled to present our 2021 Director Class:

Brittany Leventhal, Director of Product Support

Brittany started as a Product Support Manager in July 2018. She developed our Partner Support program from scratch and has grown it to a team of seven Partner Support Analysts. Brittany has recently taken over responsibility for our Level 2 support program in Minneapolis to better coordinate complicated user issues with operational partner relationships. 

Matt Singer, Director of Product

Matt joined DailyPay in January 2019 as a Product Manager. He is the Head of DailyPay’s Platform Product and where he is focused on scalability and reliability with regard to payments, support and our data exchange. Matt has overseen large initiatives designed to take our internal processes to the next level and strengthen our reputation as the best-in-class offering of on-demand pay.

Agne Vilkaitis, Director of Customer Support

Agne started at DailyPay in October 2017 as a Customer Support Manager. She has been a foundational member of the DailyPay product support team, managing our third-party call center provider and building out measurement tools and training for the program. Last year, she relocated from New York to our Minneapolis office to build out our internal call center. Since that time, she has hired, trained and managed a team of 75 that is still growing.

Jake Schwartz, Director of Technical Consulting

Jake joined DailyPay as an Enterprise Implementation Manager in June 2019. During his time at DailyPay, Jake has helped over 250,000 employees gain on-demand access to their earned pay. As the Head of Technical Consulting, Jake spearheaded a number of cross-functional initiatives to drive efficiency and standardization between the implementation team and the sales, product and payments/operations teams at DailyPay. As a director, Jake will continue to focus on improving scalability while supporting each member of the implementation team.

Susing Yin, Director of Payment Operations

Susing was one of the original DailyPayers who began her career with us as a support lead in July 2016. She has since had a role in the development of every aspect of external operations including payments, implementations and support. Susing has been instrumental in building out a more disciplined and structured implementation process, which has reduced our operations costs and created a greater post-launch experience for our clients. 

Sarah Richter, Director of Sales Engineering

Sarah has been with DailyPay since May 2018, creating a foundation for our implementation team and onboarding many of our premier partnerships with strategic accounts. Transitioning to Sales Engineering, she is growing the team to help new clients find solutions at DailyPay.

We congratulate each of these new directors on their recent promotions and look forward to seeing them continue to help DailyPay to rewrite the invisible rules of money.

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