3 Effective but Overlooked Ways to Motivate Employees

Motivating employees is pivotal for nurturing a dynamic and engaged workforce. It sparks innovation, increases retention, enhances productivity and cultivates a positive workplace culture. 

When employees are motivated, their commitment and enthusiasm drive them to exceed expectations, fostering a harmonious environment where both individual and organizational goals flourish.

The needs of employees are constantly changing, which keeps managers trying to keep up with how to motivate them. Here are three easy ways to boost your employees that maybe you haven’t thought of yet.

1. Acknowledge a job well done

We’re starting off old school, but it’s old for a reason, acknowledging a job well-done works.

It’s not hard nor does it take long to recognize your employees have done a good job. 

It sounds so simple, but employers celebrating their employees’ achievements happens less than you’d think. It’s time to change that.

Reminding your employees that you’re proud of them or their work will improve their motivation and engagement. Any type of positive feedback to your employees in their roles will make them feel more valued and they will want to continue to work hard for you.

So next time your employees do a good job, give them their deserved recognition. Some companies provide gift cards but most employees prefer cash, which employers can give their workers with DailyPay’s “Reward” feature.

2. Create a good culture

Nowadays, office culture isn’t the only thing, it is everything. Employers who craft a good culture will see the benefits immediately. But how do you create a good culture?

Encouraging teamwork, recognizing achievements and promoting work-life balance also contribute to a healthy and engaging work environment. Embracing diversity, offering skill development programs and promoting a shared sense of purpose further enhance a vibrant corporate culture that resonates with employees’ values and aspirations.

First things first, you need to hire people who will genuinely enjoy working there. Then you need to offer your employees a competitive salary and benefits.

As an employer, you should embrace and encourage office flexibility. See what works for your employees and offer an office model they will get behind. Maybe it is two days of work-from-home a week or free lunch when in the office. 

Celebrate small and obscure holidays and take your team on outings once in a while. These events will increase team bonding and morale. Plus, they are often just downright fun.

3. Offer on-demand pay

On-demand pay, also known as earned wage access, can help increase employee recruitment, retention and engagement.

On-demand pay allows your employees to access their earned wages before their traditional payday. So when bills, a car emergency, or anything shows up before payday, they are covered. 

On-demand pay increases employee flexibility and will help make their lives easier. Employees appreciate when their employers offer benefits that can make positive impacts on their lives and thus they will be more motivated and engaged to do a good job. When you invest in your employees, they will invest in their jobs.

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