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Modern Pay Strategies That Make a Difference

Modern pay strategies can help you hire faster, increase productivity and improve retention in ways that will help transform your business.  In turn, solutions that deliver those strategies can also change your employees’ lives for the better by giving them

Call Center Turnover Statistics In 2022

The following article is another in our series that examines average employee turnover rates by industry. In this article, we look at the call center industry to see what might be affecting employee turnover rates and retention rates as well

On-Demand Pay Can Address Labor Challenges in Hospitality

The hospitality industry continues to face a competitive labor market and increased customer demands.  As hospitality companies look to set themselves up as the premier destination for consumers, they should first consider how to become the employer of choice and

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Affected the Workforce

Since March 2020, there have been massive changes to the American workforce. Many families’ financial situations drastically changed as one or both spouses lost their jobs, were laid off, had hours reduced or were forced to take a pay cut.


Transform Employees’ Lives and Your Business With the DailyPay Solution On-Demand Pay • Financial Wellness • Endless Benefits More modern pay strategies from DailyPay can make a meaningful difference to you and your employees. Companies like yours are hiring faster,

Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospitals & Healthcare Care for Your Healthcare Workers the Way You Care for Your Patients Happier employees are more productive1, so show your employees you care. Your patients will thank you. Book a Demo 1 Source: Forbes, 2021 New DailyPay

Empower Manufacturing Employees Through Digital Transformation

More in this Series Improve Manufacturing Employee Retention by Supporting Workers Improve Employee Relationships and Repair Trust in Manufacturing Attract New Talent in Manufacturing by Doubling Down on the Employee Experience The Future of Manufacturing Starts With Your Employees Today

Comparing Weekly and Bi-Weekly Pay for Employees and Employers

Payroll schedules need to toe the line between meeting employees’ expectations and doing what’s right for your company’s bottom line. The more frequently you run payroll at your organization, the more potential strain you may place on your payroll team.


See the stats in our ad THE DAILYPAY SOLUTION On-Demand Pay Built for Employers Empower your employees with access to their earned pay when they need it, and take advantage of additional capabilities to re-imagine your rewards programs and simplify

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