Support Healthcare Staff to Address Employee Burnout

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Support Healthcare Staff to Address Employee Burnout

Grueling work conditions and an ongoing fight throughout the pandemic have taken a toll on healthcare employees, leading to an increase in employee burnout. 

This burnout threat not only impacts staff but patients as well, leading to potential decreases in the quality of care.1 According to the New England Journal of Medicine, widespread healthcare worker burnout can be a serious threat to the nation’s health and economic security.2 

Some of the systemic causes for healthcare employee burnout prior to the pandemic include inadequate support from employers, escalating workloads and underinvestment in public health infrastructure.3 

According to a survey done by CHG Healthcare of more than 1,200 healthcare workers, 80% of the healthcare providers surveyed were suffering from some degree of burnout before the pandemic and 64% of those reported that it was made worse by the pandemic.4 

This burnout threat not only impacts staff but patients as well, leading to potential decreases in the quality of care.5

Financial Wellness Can Make All the Difference 

In addition to high employee burnout, financial stress is on the rise for healthcare employees. According to a 2022 study from PWC, financially stressed employees are three times as likely to feel a negative impact on their mental health due to money worries.6  

In their ongoing effort to deliver optimal patient care, healthcare employers should prioritize employee wellness to better support a strained workforce. According to a 2022 survey from, 77% of nurses feel unsupported at work and 84% feel they are underpaid.7

Increased financial wellness benefits such as on-demand pay may help bridge this gap for healthcare workers. 

Maximize Employee Wellness and Improve Patient Care 

Healthcare employers need to care for their employees the way they care for their patients. An increased focus on overall employee wellness can help in efforts to reduce employee burnout. 

Investing in a better employee experience not only pays off in the quality of your staff but can also lead to better patient care.8

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