Empower Healthcare Employees to Meet Evolving Patient Expectations

Empower Healthcare Employees to Meet Evolving Patient Expectations

Patients have grown to expect a more tailored approach when it comes to their healthcare experience. The shift towards customer-centric and personalized healthcare has become more apparent with the increased adoption of consumer healthcare technology and services like medical monitoring devices and telehealth.1 

According to the May 2021 Omnichannel Healthcare Experience Report which surveyed 1,000 patients, 71% of respondents wish their healthcare experiences “were as easy as their experiences in other areas of life, like online shopping.”2

In addition to the consumer-focused experience, the pandemic has also shifted patient expectations. A 2021 survey conducted by SymphonyRM showed 50% of survey respondents had higher expectations than they did before the pandemic, citing the following as top priorities:3

  • 58% cited digital appointment scheduling
  • 57% cited proactive communication
  • 54% cited virtual appointments

As healthcare employers strive to adapt and meet these changing patient demands, they should consider how to best support their employees throughout this process. With increased levels of healthcare employee burnout, it’s crucial for healthcare employers to ensure new technologies and services don’t become a burden to employees but instead improve their job experience.

Support Employees to Foster a Patient-First Mentality 

Healthcare employers should increase support and resources for employees to keep them highly engaged and empowered to better foster a patient-first mentality. A highly engaged workforce can boost the patient experience4, potentially leading to a better overall experience for employers, employees and patients. 

 With the proper level of employer support, healthcare employees will be better able to meet changing customer expectations and build stronger patient relationships, which in turn support healthcare providers’ ability to offer high-quality care. 

A healthcare workforce that feels supported and engaged is better equipped to meet evolving patient needs and expectations. 

Employers can enhance employee engagement by offering resources and benefits that focus on employee well-being. Providing financial wellness benefits like on-demand pay helps support staff and reduces their financial stress, empowering the workforce to deliver the best patient experience.

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