Prioritize Employee Benefits During Inflation in Restaurants and QSRs

Prioritize Employee Benefits During Inflation in Restaurants and QSRs

As full-service and quick-service restaurants (QSRs) have adapted to updated pandemic-related restrictions and guidelines over the past few years, employees have felt the brunt of that work. 

Record-high inflation rates are rising across the board.1 As the industry works through the challenges associated with inflation, it’s important for owners and operators to ensure they’re looking after their employees. 

Food prices have climbed 7.9% for the year ending February 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index.2 QSR and restaurant employees are dealing with the effects of inflation both at work and in their personal lives. If employees are overwhelmed with financial stress, this may impact them at work, potentially resulting in poor customer service or decreased morale.  

Support Employees’ Wellbeing 

In January 2022, restaurant menu prices increased at their highest rate in 40 years3. These increases in costs are a burden for restaurants and QSRs4 and some may have a difficult time taking on new investments to support their current employees and attract new talent. However, increased benefits such as on-demand pay may be a cost-effective solution to make employees feel more supported.

An on-demand pay benefit may help businesses stand out as they look to fill open roles. On-demand pay may also help the industry keep their current employees longer, resulting in higher retention rates.5 According to a 2021 Mercator Advisory Group report sponsored by DailyPay, on-demand pay reduces employee turnover by up to 73%.6

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