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Solve Staffing Issues With On-Demand Pay

We were just at NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show to showcase why on-demand pay is this year’s hottest benefit employees are asking for.

Stacy Greiner, Chief Operating Officer at DailyPay

Darlene “Dar” Miranda, Vice President of Product Management, UX Design and Research at DailyPay

Peter Czimback, Vice President Digital Experience and Creator of Emerge at Aramark

James Startare, Vice President, Benefits at Aramark

See Why On-Demand Pay Gets Employees to Stay

Employers who offer on-demand pay say it helps them retain employees. It's one of the most effective benefits employers can provide in the fight for retaining top talent. Advanced retailers are experimenting with everything from digitized tip payouts to same-day off-cycle payments and more. Check out what's in store for the future of employee pay.

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Give your employees what they’re asking for this year

  • 90% of users surveyed by Mercator Advisory Group reported improvement or elimination of reliance on legacy financial alternatives like overdraft fees, payday loans and late fees1
  • 67% of users say DailyPay has helped them reduce financial stress2
  • 52% of users say their opinion of their employer has improved since they began using DailyPay2
  • 48% of users say they are more motivated to remain with their current employer because they offer DailyPay2
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