Learn the Secret to Reducing Employee Turnover by 45%

With the right on-demand pay provider, you can:

  • Increase employee satisfaction without changing your current payroll process
  • Protect your employees from predatory payday lenders, who can charge up to 400% interest
  • Rest assured that there is no risk involved in offering this benefit

Still unsure about the power of on-demand pay for you, your company and your employees? This white paper explains how you can empower your employees with a pay experience and strengthen their financial security without spending a dime.

Your competition is already offering on-demand pay, so don’t get left behind. Download this white paper to learn how to evaluate on-demand pay providers and choose the best fit for your company.


Several years ago, no one had ever heard the term “on-demand pay,” also called earned wage access, instant pay, early wage access and myriad other names. But in the last few years, the idea of offering an on-demand pay benefit has taken the workplace by storm. Where there was once one or two main players in the on-demand pay provider game, there are now more than 30 and climbing.

So if your organization has decided to offer this benefit, how do you ensure that you are

offering the best program for your company and your employees? In this white paper, we provide the key decision-making criteria determined by companies who currently have a daily payment program in place.

For companies that currently offer a daily pay program, the three most important characteristics of a successful program are:

  • A program that presents zero incremental risk to the employer.
  • A program that creates zero disruption to the employer’s and employees’ existing payroll processes.
  • A program that results in maximum satisfaction for all employees.

This white paper will help you assess vendor options by looking at these characteristics through a series of questions.

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