Implementing On-Demand Pay in the Security Industry Helped G4S Reduce Turnover by 46%

Partner Snapshot

Partner: G4S
US Headquarters: Jupiter, Florida
Industry: Security
Number of U.S. Employees: 47,370
Payroll Platform: Peoplesoft
Time & Attendance Platform: Labor Scheduling

Kym Cross, Sr. Director of Payroll at G4S, has been with the organization for 22 years. G4S is a multinational security company with close to 600,000 employees, making it the third-largest employer in the world. Kym’s history includes roles in HR Information Systems, where she implemented new software and systems in addition to heading up the payroll department. Kym brought DailyPay to G4S’s U.S.-based employees, and she has called it the most effective project in her illustrious career, measured by the results it has had on the business and payroll, in addition to the immediacy of those effects. We recently spoke with Kym to learn more in detail about the positive impacts DailyPay has had on G4S.

An insight for change

G4S is a global security company with locations in 90 countries. Despite being scattered across the globe, the majority of our employees have two things in common: 95% of our workforce are hourly paid security guards, and many of them were living paycheck to paycheck. To successfully manage a company with tens of thousands of employees across numerous locations, it’s important to understand their unique needs. To do that, we run a biannual eNPS survey, and we found that U.S. employees, in particular, wanted to receive their pay more frequently. In our business, we see employees leave for a $.50/hour increase, so staying competitive in the market is paramount to our success. That’s when I knew I had to figure out a way to pay our employees daily. 

Deciding on DailyPay

Our Chief Human Resources Officer, myself and other members of our payroll and HR teams evaluated three vendors who provided instant access to earned income. We chose DailyPay because it demonstrated the best concept. As an eight-person payroll team who is responsible for 45,000 U.S. employees, we are short-staffed, to say the least. DailyPay made zero changes to our payroll process and timing of funds. For us, that meant G4S had a seamless onboarding process, with little additional responsibility, because employee earnings flow through DailyPay and net earnings go right into an employee’s account. The DailyPay customer service team provides all employee support, fielding questions and providing assistance for our employees. It’s been an excellent partnership and we’re excited to see continued results. 

A defining new employee experience

We fully launched DailyPay to all employees in November 2018 and it has been a game-changer for our recruiting and retention efforts. For my payroll team, it’s business as usual when payday comes around, but for our employees, it’s a whole new experience and we’ve seen only positive results since implementing DailyPay.

At present, about 32% of our employees are using DailyPay. In addition to a staggering 46% reduction in turnover among the DailyPay employee population, attendance is up because people know that working one day will result in money the next day. All of this means we’ve freed up a lot of the payroll team’s time and resources from offboarding and onboarding replacements, allowing us to focus on other business initiatives. 

Providing a better employee experience is always top of mind for my team and me. We’ve seen an increase in direct deposit enrollment as a result of DailyPay, and it feels fantastic to be able to alleviate some of the day-to-day financial concerns of our employees with a better pay experience. When our employees are less stressed, they’re free to focus on their work, feel engaged and provide a better experience for our customers, ultimately improving our bottom line. If you’re in a similar situation, trust me when I tell you that your boss and your employees will think you’re the hero when you bring DailyPay to your company.

“Trust me when I tell you that your boss and your employees will think you’re the hero when you bring DailyPay to your company.”


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