DailyPay for Hospitals and Health Care

On-Demand Pay: A Modern Cure for Historic Employment Challenges in the Health Care Industry

Your employees have been battling on the frontlines for quite some time now, while you’ve battled increasing costs and decreasing margins. Now, it’s more important than ever to control unnecessary costs, while taking care of your frontline workers. An on-demand pay benefit like DailyPay can help.

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Leading Hospitals and Health Care Facilities Choose DailyPay

Top hospitals and health care facilities trust DailyPay to deliver on-demand pay to their employees.

Provide Life Support for Your Workers and Your Company

DailyPay’s holistic PayEx® platform delivers innovative solutions to make life easier for your payroll team and for your essential workers.

For Employees

Allows health care workers to receive their earned wages instantly or next day, between paychecks, to give employees unprecedented control over their pay.

Helps employees on the road to financial wellness, with the ability to save a portion of their paycheck, automatically each week.

For Employers

Eliminates the hassle and the expense of issuing off-cycle payments by enabling payroll teams to disburse payments anytime.

Allows managers to instantly and compliantly recognize an employee for a job well done or for picking up an additional, hard-to-fill shift.

Why Leading Hospitals and Health Care Facilities Choose DailyPay

DailyPay supports your frontline workers with access to their earned pay to help them pay bills on time and save for emergencies. Your company will benefit from reduced turnover costs and your patients will receive better quality care from happier employees!

Cost Savings

DailyPay has helped health care clients to increase tenure by 22%, annually, saving hospitals and health care facilities millions of dollars in costs related to turnover.

Improved Productivity

56% of users say DailyPay motivates them to pick up more shifts or work longer hours.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

85% of engaged employees display a genuinely caring attitude toward patients, compared to only 38% of disengaged employees. Offering DailyPay increases employee satisfaction by 73%.

Faster Hiring

Jobs that advertise DailyPay result in almost twice as many applications, which can give you an advantage over the competition as America starts to reopen.


Ready to Reduce Turnover?

What Our Partners are Saying

“Implementing this benefit shows that we don’t just see our employees as workers, but rather as multi-dimensional human beings with a variety of needs. By reducing some of their financial worries, we also helped them to stress less and become more engaged in their work.”

Cindy Eisenmenger

OSL Retail Services Employee

Learn how DailyPay helped BrightSpring Health Services to increase employee engagement and financial wellness saving the company time and money.

DailyPay’s Solution was a Game-Changer for BrightSpring Health

Cindy Eisenmenger, Vice President of Cash Disbursements for BrightSpring Health, shares why DailyPay was a game-changer for her employees and her company because it reduced turnover and enticed employees to want to work for BrightSpring over its competition.

Results that Reduce Turnover Aches and Pains

These are real results that a top health care facility client realized by offering DailyPay:


of employees said DailyPay gives them financial control.


of employees have an improved opinion of their employer as a result of access to DailyPay.


of employees said they would recommend DailyPay to their coworkers.


of employees said they share that they use DailyPay with their coworkers.

Show Employees You Care for Them Like They Care for Your Patients

61% of healthcare workers think they should not have to wait until their scheduled payday to access their earned wages. With DailyPay, your workers have access to their earned pay — and they can even save a portion of it — before payday.

Easy to use

Employees can easily transfer up to 100% of their net earned pay to any destination account, immediately or on the next day.

Fair and transparent fees

Employees pay a simple and transparent fee only when they want to transfer part of their earned pay before payday. The fee remains the same regardless of the employee’s destination account.

Annual employee savings of $1,205

With access to their earned pay, employees save $1,205, on average, each year in late fees, overdraft fees and payday loan interest.

What Employees are Saying

“One of my favorite aspects of DailyPay is how private it is to use. No one has to know when I need help with my finances, and instead of reaching out elsewhere, I can take pride in knowing that I’m pulling from funds I’ve already earned and don’t need to pay back.”

Sandy Adams

Senior Care Advisor

Afraid There Will be Extra Work? Relax, We Do It ALL for You!

When you decide that DailyPay is the partner for you, we do all the work, including handling all service and support calls and processing all payroll reconciliations. We’ll take everything off your plate and put it on ours. That’s how we’ve become the recognized gold standard in on-demand pay! We provide you:

    Dedicated implementation and ongoing support teams
    Domestic, in-house employee support via phone, email and chat
    A day-to-day dedicated account manager to handle all your questions

Payroll and TMS Integration? No Pieced Together Bandaid Solutions Here!

We have yet met a payroll or time and attendance system that stumped our technology! We work with them all. We also have integration relationships with the top HCM and payroll companies, so it’s likely that we’ve worked with your systems before.

Talk with our experts to learn how easy it is to get started with DailyPay.

Rockaway Home Care: Edging Out the Competition and Supporting Employees

Rockaway Home Care wanted to add a benefit for their employees that aligned with their mission of providing care and hope to people in need. Pinny Faska, Chief Operating Officer, said they chose DailyPay over the competitors because DailyPay had the most simple and fair model for their employees to use.

“Offering DailyPay helps us gain an edge over our competitors and shows our employees that we care about them holistically.”

Pinny Faska

Chief Operating Officer

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