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Shopping for an on-demand pay solution that can help you reduce employee turnover?

The average employee turnover rate in the grocery/supermarket industry is 70%, with even higher rates among part-time workers. An on-demand pay benefit can increase retention and improve hiring, saving you money and helping you to foster tighter relationships and achieve tighter margins.

Leading grocers and supermarkets choose DailyPay

Top grocers trust DailyPay to deliver on-demand pay to their employees.

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Checkout the freshest pay experience platform in the market

DailyPay’s comprehensive PayEx® platform delivers unique capabilities to make life easier for your payroll team and your employees.

For Employees

Allows workers to receive their earned wages instantly or next day, between paychecks, to give employees unprecedented control over their pay.

Helps employees on the road to financial wellness, with the ability to save a portion of their paycheck, automatically each week.

For Employers

Eliminates the hassle and the expense of issuing off-cycle payments by enabling payroll teams to disburse payments anytime.

Allows managers to instantly and compliantly recognize an employee for a job well done or for picking up an additional, hard-to-fill shift.

Why leading grocers and supermarkets choose DailyPay

By providing employees with access to their earned pay, you help them to pay bills on time and save for emergencies. As a result, your company will benefit from reduced turnover costs, and your customers will receive better service from happier employees. It’s a winning solution for all!

Cost Savings

With access to their pay before payday, employees stay at their jobs, reducing turnover, on average, 45%.

Improved Productivity

On average, 59% of users say DailyPay motivates them to go to work and pick up more shifts.

Higher Customer Satisfaction 

DailyPay supports financial security and reduces money-related stress, resulting in better customer service.

Faster Hiring

Advertising DailyPay in job postings helps you beat the competition with twice as many applicants.

Ready to reduce employee turnover?

DailyPay’s flexible solution was the right choice for Kroger

Theresa Monti, Kroger’s VP of Total Rewards, shares why DailyPay was the right choice to support her employees across the country. The DailyPay team was able to get this technology up and running for her team in just four short weeks! Not only did it help her employees during the pandemic, DailyPay was also just in time to help them financially through the Texas storms.

The impact is real

These are the results that a top Fortune 100 supermarket chain obtained with DailyPay.


employees say DailyPay gives them greater financial control.1


higher retention among DailyPay users compared to non-DailyPay users.2


of DailyPay users have an improved opinion of the company after enrolling.1


of Associates using DailyPay would recommend it to a friend.1

  1. Based on 2020 internal DailyPay user surveys
  2. DailyPay users vs. non-DailyPay users

The top-shelf solution supermarket employees want

Nearly 3 out of every 4 U.S. employees (72%) want access to their wages before their scheduled payday. With DailyPay, your workforce can access their earned pay — and even save a portion of their pay — before payday.

Easy to use

Employees can transfer up to 100% of their net earned pay to any account or pay card, instantly or next day.

Transparent and fair fees

Employees pay an ATM-like fee only when they request a transfer. Fee is the same regardless of the employee’s destination account.

$1,205 yearly savings

Having access to their earned pay saves employees $1,205, on average, each year in late fees, overdraft fees and payday loan interest.

What employees are saying

“My first experience [with DailyPay] was awesome. The webpage was easy to understand. My money was transferred the same day within minutes. This is the best thing my company could give their employees. Especially if you need a little extra cash before your next payday. It’s easy and convenient.”

Lakeshia J.
Kroger Employee

Best-in-class support. We do ALL the work!

When you partner with us, we handle all service and support calls. We do all payroll reconciliations. Basically, we take everything off your plate and put it on ours. That’s why we’re the recognized gold standard in on-demand pay with:

  • In-house, domestic, multichannel employee support (phone, email and chat)
  • Dedicated implementation manager and ongoing support team
  • Dedicated account manager who is your day-to-day contact

Connecting your existing payroll and HCM systems is easy as pie

We have yet to meet a payroll or time & attendance system that we can’t work with. So there’s no need for any integration worries on your part. And we have integration relationships with the top HCM and payroll companies, so it’s unlikely that we don’t have a prior integration with your system.

Creating win-win partnerships

“We couldn’t be happier with the team we work with at DailyPay. Their people are their true differentiator against other on-demand pay providers.”

Taylor Leevers

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