Offering On-Demand Pay Helped Adecco Improve Retention in the Staffing Industry

Partner Snapshot

Partner: The Adecco Group
US Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida
Industry: Staffing & Recruiting
Number of Employees: up to 80,000, dependent on the time of year
Payroll Platform: PeopleSoft
Time & Attendance Platform: PeopleNet

Dawn Ehrhart, SVP, Shared Services and Corporate Operations for the Americas, and Kim Phillips, Director of Shared Service Operations, oversee payroll operations for roughly 80,000 Adecco employees. The Adecco Group, which is based in Jacksonville, Florida, was formed by the merger of two large staffing companies, Adia and ECCO, in 1996. With 600 U.S. branches, Adecco is one of the largest staffing companies in America and has offices in over 60 countries. Adecco’s payroll leaders were looking for an on-demand payment solution that was easy to implement, easy to use and highly trustworthy to give them an advantage over their competition. Read more about how they found DailyPay below:

Choosing the most trustworthy and compliant flexible pay option

One of our main concerns when choosing an on-demand pay provider was partnering with a company we could trust from a regulatory perspective. We were evaluating Even, FlexWage, Instant and other solutions when we decided to move forward with DailyPay. We made that decision because they were the most transparent, trustworthy and compliant solution, which eased our minds about any potential risk involved with adding this benefit. We also loved DailyPay’s transparent fee model and the fact that there was zero cost to the employer to offer this benefit.

The implementation process was seamless, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We didn’t hear a word from our team about any issues or roadblocks throughout the entire process. The one thing we appreciate most with DailyPay is the partnership. This is such new territory and it’s been such an adventure for us. I really feel like they’ve come to the table 100% as we’ve gone through this process and this journey. When we introduced the benefit to our employees, we began with a phased launch for the 20% of our employees who were still punching into timeclocks. When that was successful, we moved on to a larger segment of our employees who track their hours worked through WebClock software. Lastly, we will be rolling out this benefit to our employees in the state of California very soon.

Becoming on-demand pay pioneers in the staffing industry

We try to do everything we can to recruit and retain quality employees, so we wanted to offer this benefit to give us an edge over the competition. Since we are a temporary staffing company, we thought this benefit would be particularly attractive to our employee base, as many of them are very much in need of their next paycheck. 

Offering this benefit really differentiates us in the eyes of applicants, and it is particularly appealing to younger employees who are used to digital, instant services in their daily lives. We advertise DailyPay on our external website and on individual job postings, as well as directly to our client companies so they can provide this benefit information during the hiring process. These efforts have resulted in better seasonal hiring results, which was one of our main goals in rolling out this program. We have also seen an increase in retention rates, with turnover currently at 36% for non-DailyPay users and 22% for DailyPay users.

Offering DailyPay has also reduced the workload for our payroll team. Since employees are eager to use this benefit at the end of their shifts, they are less likely to miss punches and need to see a payroll staff member for assistance. Because employees have 24/7/365 access to their available balance for their hours worked, they also have fewer questions about their paychecks. 

Eagerness to use the benefit has also helped reduce absenteeism. Having access to the flexibility of DailyPay has improved their employee experience, which is evidenced through our higher NPS scores. We’ve heard lots of positive feedback from employees about this benefit, including anecdotes on how access to on-demand pay helped one employee get his hot water heater fixed and another get her car fixed so she could come to work the next day. It’s safe to say that this has been a very positive experience for both Adecco  and for our employees.