On-Demand Pay for Retailers

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DailyPay was designed to help retail companies like yours reduce turnover and gain a unique edge over your competitors. By offering on-demand pay, not only will you increase your employee retention and satisfaction, but your less-stressed employees will be able to provide much better customer service.

Leading Retailers Choose DailyPay

Top retailers trust DailyPay to provide a best-in-class on-demand pay solution.

Our PayEx®™ Suite of Products & Services is Stocked With All the Features You Need

DailyPay’s comprehensive PayEx®™ platform has a wide range of capabilities to make your retail business easier for your payroll team and your employees.

For Employees

Allows workers to receive their earned wages instantly or next day, between paychecks, to give employees unprecedented control over their pay.

Helps employees on the road to financial wellness, with the ability to save a portion of their paycheck, automatically each week.

For Employers

Eliminates the hassle and the expense of issuing off-cycle payments by enabling payroll teams to disburse payments anytime.

Allows managers to instantly and compliantly recognize an employee for a job well done or for picking up an additional, hard-to-fill shift.

retail industry turnover rates reduction

Why Leading Retailers Choose DailyPay

DailyPay empowers employees with access to their earned pay to help them pay bills on time and save for emergencies. Not only will your company benefit from reduced turnover costs, your customers will receive better service from happier employees!

Major Savings

DailyPay is proven to reduce turnover an average of 45%, saving retailers millions of dollars.

Better Productivity

59% of DailyPay users are more motivated to go to work and work 11% more than non-DailyPay users.

Happier Employees = Happier Shoppers 

Happy employees are 20% more productive and provide better customer service, increasing customer loyalty.

Faster Hiring

Faster Hiring Advertising DailyPay in job postings helps you beat the competition, hiring 52% faster.

Ready to Reduce Turnover?

DailyPay was a Perfect Fit for Tractor Supply Company

A seamless integration with Tractor Supply Company’s HCM systems and the extensive support they received during the sales and implementation process made it clear that DailyPay was the right choice to handle their unique needs as a national retailer. Learn how VP of Total Rewards, Melissa Williamson, successfully launched on-demand pay with DailyPay.

Big Results? We’ve Got ‘Em in the Bag.

These are the results that a leading retailer obtained with DailyPay:


of team members report that DailyPay gives them control over their finances.


The average tenure for DailyPay users is 50% higher than non-DailyPay users.


of team members have an improved opinion of their employer after it began offering DailyPay.


of team members would recommend DailyPay to a friend, family member or coworker.

The Best Deal on the Market for Retail Employees

65% of U.S. retail employees want access to their wages before their scheduled payday. With DailyPay, your workforce can access their earned pay — and even save a portion of their wages — before payday.

Easy to use

Employees can transfer up to 100% of their net earned pay to any account or pay card, instantly or next day.

Transparent and fair fees

Employees pay an ATM-like fee only when they request a transfer. Fee is the same regardless of the employee’s destination account.

$1,205 yearly savings

Having access to their earned pay saves employees $1,205, on average, each year in late fees, overdraft fees and payday loan interest.

What Employees are Saying

“After being unemployed during the COVID pandemic I found a job at OSL. DailyPay made it possible for me to have gas money to get to work and to even have lunch. Now it’s getting close to Christmas and I can comfortably shop for my family.”

Kendra B.
OSL Retail Services Employee

Gold-Standard Support for Your Team and Your Employees

When you partner with DailyPay, we handle all service and support calls and complete all payroll reconciliations. Basically, we take everything off your plate and put it onto ours. That’s why we’re the recognized gold standard in on-demand pay, offering every partner:

  • In-house, domestic, multichannel employee support (phone, email and chat)
  • A dedicated implementation manager and ongoing support team
  • A diligent, assigned account manager who will be your day-to-day contact

No Need to Worry About Payroll or TMS Integration

We have yet to meet a payroll or time and attendance system that our technology couldn’t integrate with. We also have integration relationships with the top HCM and payroll companies, so it’s likely that we’ve worked with your system before.

Talk with our experts to learn how easy it is to get started with DailyPay.

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See the Power of a DailyPay Partnership Firsthand

By implementing DailyPay, Sprinkles Cupcakes was able to reduce turnover. In turn, their employees were able to better their own financial wellness by paying bills on time between paydays.

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