Deliver a Great Customer Experience by Adapting to Omnichannel Trends

Deliver a Great Customer Experience by Adapting to Omnichannel Trends

Customer expectations are changing as the shopping experience digitalizes, which impacts how retailers think about their customer experience strategy. Without an omnichannel strategy, businesses risk losing customers and negatively impacting their bottom line.1

Retail companies must empower their employees to meet these changes and ensure customer service continues to improve.  

Improving training and employee engagement will help employees adapt to omnichannel roles and responsibilities, allowing them to provide a great customer experience. According to Qualtrics, engaged employees deliver a better customer experience.2

Focus on the Employee Experience to Improve Customer Relationships  

As customer demands shift, retail employers must ensure their staff is prepared and motivated to meet them. According to a Harris Poll survey commissioned by Dollar Tree and DailyPay, more Americans would prefer to shop for apparel items in-store (65%) instead of online (35%). The same survey found that 66% of Americans plan to spend the same or more on retail purchases in 2023 compared to 2022.3

To meet these changing demands, retailers should prioritize employee engagement and well-being to help empower their workforce to grow in their abilities, adapt to omnichannel shifts and provide an outstanding customer experience.

Financial wellness benefits like on-demand pay can help retail employers to stand out amongst the competition to hire and retain highly skilled staff members.

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