How to Meaningfully Recognize Your Payroll Rockstars During This Year’s National Payroll Week

Illustration of diverse people stacking colorful cubes with text, "National Payroll Week 2022" and a badge labeled "2022 Payroll Trailblazer.

By Tracey Sells, CPP

As we approach National Payroll Week, there is an opportunity to do more to recognize those in payroll who exemplify innovation and the desire to improve their operations through the DailyPay Payroll Trailblazer Award program. 

We know that very few people go into payroll with purpose and intent. There is no ‘payroll’ degree here in the U.S., and most stumble into the realm. They quickly understand that the payroll process is complicated, demanding and seemingly without emotion; however, it is highly personal for all involved. Payroll is the only area in a business that directly and immediately affects every employee in that organization.  

As a proud platinum sponsor of National Payroll Week and a supporter of the payroll community as a whole, DailyPay celebrates all the individuals that make a difference to employees across the nation. It takes a very specific personality to handle the analytics required to process payroll as well as having the people skills necessary to be a successful and respected professional. Many times these professionals feel orphaned or overlooked. We see you, we value you and we want to say thank you for all you do.

All payroll professionals know it’s necessary to create solid processes to ensure accuracy and reliability. The stability of these teams is crucial to employee satisfaction with the company, even if that team is a single person. There is a balancing act that must exist between this need for status quo while simultaneously monitoring and adjusting to the rapidly changing landscape of employment in America. 

Payroll professionals should be recognized and rewarded. Especially those that ensure great results while forging forward with changes in technology and processes, leading their teams in providing momentum for the success of their company as a whole. 

What is a Payroll Trailblazer?

A Payroll Trailblazer is an individual in the payroll industry who demonstrates leadership qualities by constantly innovating and implementing new systems, coaching others, recognizing diversity and driving business value from the payroll department.

Nominees should demonstrate how they: 

  • Work in or lead a payroll team,
  • Advocate for diversity in the workplace,
  • Participate in American Payroll Association events,
  • Ideally are a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP), and
  • Instituted a significant, innovative payroll process.

Nominations are being accepted here through Sept. 9, 2022, the last day of National Payroll Week. In collaboration with the American Payroll Association, DailyPay will announce the 2022 recipients at the Payroll Leaders Conference in Philadelphia on Sept. 13.

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