Episode 42: Best of Money 20/20

Image showing the "Best of Money 20/20" event banner featuring a list of names, with "The Source" logo and "sponsored by daily pay" text.

It was the biggest fintech convention of 2022, and the Source by DailyPay was on the scene, talking with industry’s top leaders, visionaries, and insiders. This is the best of 19 interviews done in the media room, featuring (in order of appearance):

Hal Bienstock, Managing Director, Prosek Partners

Alexandre Lazarow, Global Venture Capitalist, Author

Keith Vander Leest, Head of Payments, Cross River

Elena Whisler, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, TCH

Greg Myers, Host, Leaders in Payments Podcast

Diarmuid Thoma, Head of Fraud/Data Strategy, AtData

Anastasia Shvechkova, Head of Business Development, SumSub

Tom Thimot, CEO, authID

John Lunn, Founder and CEO, Gr4vy

Sih Lee, Senior Vice President, Synchrony

Ben Gleisner, Founder, Cogo

Allison MacLeod, CMO, Flywire

Tee Pruitt, Head, Business Financial Services, Doconomy

Aaron McCreary, Director, Business Development (North America), Doconomy

Gabriel Le Roux, Co-founder, Primer

Bruno Sousa, Founding Partner, Hashdex

Bobby Zagotta, CCO, Bitstamp

Sam Levy, Partner, Drake Star

Brian McFadden, CEO, Cryptyde

Brian Tate, CEO, Innovative Payments Association

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