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So you’ve heard all the buzz about on-demand pay …

DailyPay was designed to help companies like yours to hire faster, reduce turnover and improve employee engagement. By offering on-demand pay, you’ll be providing employees with a much-needed lifeline, with an opportunity to do something profound that will shape the economy and ultimately deliver a better financial system for everyone.

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Leading call and contact centers choose DailyPay

Call and contact centers trust DailyPay to provide a best-in-class on-demand pay solution.

Our PayEx® platform answers the call for all the features you need

DailyPay’s comprehensive PayEx® platform has a wide range of capabilities to make your call or contact center run more smoothly for both your payroll team and your employees.

For Employees

Enables workers to receive their pay between paychecks, either instantly or next day, to give employees unprecedented control over their pay.

Aids employees on the road to financial wellness, with the ability to save a portion of their paycheck automatically each week.

For Employers

Removes the hassle and the expense of issuing off-cycle payments by enabling payroll to quickly disburse payments anytime.

Gives managers the power to compliantly recognize an employee on-the-spot for a job well done or for picking up a hard-to-fill shift.

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Why leading call and contact centers are dialed in to DailyPay

DailyPay empowers workers with access to their earned pay to help them pay bills on time and save for emergencies. Not only will your call or contact center benefit from reduced turnover costs, your happier employees will also be much more productive!

Notable savings

DailyPay is proven to reduce call center turnover by 50%, saving you millions of dollars in employee replacement costs.

More productivity

59% of users say DailyPay motivates them to go to work and DailyPay users work 11% more than their non-DailyPay colleagues.1

Improved interactions 

Happy employees are 20% more productive and provide better customer service, increasing customer loyalty.

Quicker Hiring

Advertising DailyPay in job postings helps you stay competitive while filling open positions 52% faster.

1. DailyPay User Survey

Ready to reduce turnover?

What our partners are saying

“The longer we keep our employees, the more confident they become in their skills. That confidence leads to better interactions with our clients’ customers. DailyPay keeps our agents here longer, increasing their skill set and improving customer experience. The way our agents are interacting with our clients’ customers has improved over the last few years. I can honestly say that the introduction of DailyPay has had the single most positive impact on our agent base in the 30 years I have been with DialAmerica.”

Rob Schultz
Senior VP, Human Resources & Compliance

YouTube video

DailyPay was the perfect answer for DialAmerica

In this video, Rob Schulz, Senior VP, Human Resources & Compliance at DialAmerica, explains why DailyPay was such a perfect fit for his workforce. Schulz details how DailyPay reduced turnover by 6.5 basis points by giving employees access to their pay when they need it, regardless of pay schedules. DailyPay has received rave reviews from both new and tenured DialAmerica employees.

DailyPay gets great reception from employees

These are the results that a leading call center obtained with DailyPay:


of team members report that DailyPay gives them control over their finances.


of team members have an improved opinion of their employer after it began offering DailyPay.


of team members would recommend DailyPay to a friend, family member or coworker.

See why DailyPay has such a nice ring to it

4 out of 5 U.S. employees want access to their wages before their scheduled payday. With DailyPay, your employees can access their earned pay — and even save a portion of their wages — before payday.

Easy to use

Employees can transfer up to 100% of their net earned pay to any account or pay card, instantly or next day, with the push of a button.

Transparent, fair fee structure

Employees pay a small, ATM-like fee only when they request a transfer, with no subscription fees whatsoever. The fee is the same regardless of the employee’s destination account.

$1,205 yearly savings

Having access to their earned pay saves employees an average of $1,205 each year by eliminating the need to pay late fees, overdraft fees and payday loan interest.

What employees are saying

“[DailyPay] was rewarding to me. It made me feel more independent and more grateful for the work that I did every day, knowing that I’d see an immediate result. It was a nice feeling.”

Jodi N.
Incept Results Employee

With our gold-standard support for your team, you’re always connected

When you partner with DailyPay, we handle all service and support calls (like you do for your customers!) and complete all payroll reconciliations. It’s our goal to take everything off your plate and put it onto ours. Our stellar customer support team is the reason why we’re the recognized gold standard in on-demand pay, offering:

  • In-house, domestic user support for your employees via phone, email and chat
  • An assigned account manager who will be your point of contact from day-to-day
  • A dedicated implementation manager and ongoing support team

No need to hang up on your existing payroll or TMS system

We haven’t come across a payroll or TMS system that our technology couldn’t integrate with. We also have integration relationships with the top HCM and payroll companies, so it’s likely that we already know the ins and outs of your system.

Speak with our experts to learn how easy it is to get started with DailyPay.

Standing out from the competition

“We promote DailyPay to all of our new hires and have seen great results and a lot of excitement in that particular sector. Prior to DailyPay, a new hire would have to wait a total of two weeks prior to receiving their first paycheck from DialAmerica. Now, with the assistance of DailyPay, they are able to begin receiving their pay only a few days after they start.”

Mike Beaubrun
Operations Manager, DialAmerica

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