Work Different

Federal unemployment benefits have ended, and while many workers actually received more in unemployment benefits than they did before they were laid off due to COVID-19,  it’s time for many to get back to work.

As the country reopens, and companies look to rehire their staff, businesses will need to prioritize diversity and remote working according to a new “Work Different” survey from DailyPay.

Company and leadership diversity matter …

The research reveals the majority of Americans believe that companies with diversity in its leadership and workforce are more desired places to work and better equipped to relate to its customers.

… so does the ability to work remotely

The poll also shows that the majority of job seekers prefer a company that offers the ability to work remotely and that those who do work remotely are more effective and work longer hours.

More survey results

These videos show the results of both the Work Different Surveys

DailyPay on the news

Our Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, Jeanniey Walden, was recently featured on Coffee With America, discussing these trends. Watch this episode now.

Rehire trends across 8 industries

The need to rehire brings forth a new set of challenges. Companies are faced with ensuring that employee safety, trust and restaffing are accomplished in smart and economical ways. Employers are tasked with attracting top talent without breaking the bank and rebuilding trust with previously furloughed employees, all within a shifting economy.

The DailyPay Rehire America Index is tracking hiring trends in eight (8) major industries across the country, including supermarkets, hospitality, fast food restaurants, consumer services and health care.

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