Why Freebirds Created a Pay Experience as a Strategy to Lead Through Crisis – 3 Part Series

Webinar Series

Part 3: Why Freebirds Created a Pay Experience as a Strategy to Lead Through Crisis

Date: Thursday, September 10, 2020
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET

The last few months have caused us to rethink the way we do everything in our personal lives and especially in our professional lives. One of the biggest elements of life that was top of everyone’s mind was if, when and how fast employees would get their pay. It’s still top of everyone’s mind as we rethink how we work.

The act of pay establishes a critical relationship between the employee and the employer. It creates a sense of trust and validation, a powerful agreement between two parties to provide value in return for value. Over the years, the act of pay has remained a powerful bond between an employer and an employee, but it has also become somewhat stale, cold and even transactional. 

Join us to see why Freebirds decided to move pay a giant step forward by partnering with DailyPay to create a pay experience for their employees.

This is the third webinar in our 3-part webinar series. Here’s what you missed:

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Part 2: “How a Pay Experience Will Accelerate Strategic Goals in the New World of Work”

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Guest Speakers

Jeanniey Walden

Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer


Jennifer Zion

Director of Human Resources


In this webinar you will learn about…

  • Why Freebirds prioritized a pay experience for their employees 
  • How they communicated the benefit to their employees
  • What their experience with DailyPay has been like so far

Who’s DailyPay

DailyPay, the premier provider of the daily pay benefit, goes beyond financial wellness with a flexible, simple, and compliant pay experience that strengthens the employee-employer bond and significantly enhances the employee experience throughout the enterprise, at no cost to the employer.