Employee Recruitment

Recruitment or Workforce Planning is a proactive approach to talent acquisition. The recruitment function of the organization is directly or indirectly affected by a mix of various internal and external forces. 

In an effort to recruit more new employees, employers have offered higher pay, recruiting bonuses, more benefits, fringe benefits, financial perks, gym memberships, free meals—practically every incentive they can think of. In addition to all of these options, a daily pay benefit, or on-demand pay, is now emerging as an attractive incentive for new job seekers. 

Companies that offer DailyPay see the following results:

  • Job seekers are 1.9 times more likely to apply to open positions
  • There’s an average of 45% reduction in turnover
  • Applicants are 13% more likely to apply for a lower-paying job with on-demand pay

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