An Integration Built For Large Enterprise

Dawn Ehrhart is the SVP of Shared Services at Adecco Staffing. Adecco is the largest temporary staffing firm in the world and the second largest in the U.S. 

DailyPay and Adecco have partnered in a unique situation, which is temporary staffing. Adecco has captured time worked from thousands of sources. It is a very complicated scenario.

One of the things Dawn Ehrhart looks for when working with a vendor is someone who can partner with Adecco and she says DailyPay has been a fabulous partner. The people that Adecco worked with at DailyPay gave off a true sense of excitement and forward thinking in the way the product was coming together.

Adecco has a very large workforce. For any given week, they could have about 60,000 or 70,000 people, located in every state and city in the country. They are working in places ranging from distribution centers to offices and the work they do is very diverse.

Dawn Ehrhart says that having pay on demand product, like DailyPay, that can cater to all of those types of workers is spectacular.

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