By Switching On-Demand Pay Providers, Starboard Management Group Decreased Turnover and Paper Check Costs in the Fast Food Industry

Partner: Starboard Group Management
US Headquarters: Coral Springs, Florida
Industry: Quick Service Restaurant
Number of Employees: 3,000
Payroll System: ADP Vantage
Timekeeping System: Aloha (POS)
Pay Card: ADP Wisely/ALINE

Edmarissa Acevado is a payroll manager at Starboard Group Management, a Wendy’s franchise leader. Starboard has 99 different franchisee locations and almost 3,000 employees who are eligible for DailyPay. As a company that is constantly growing and gaining new franchisees, Starboard was looking for an on-demand pay solution that would fit their needs and wouldn’t put a strain on the payroll staff. After a disappointing experience with another provider, they decided to try DailyPay. 

The on-demand pay solution with seamless integration into our payroll system

Before DailyPay, we used a different on-demand pay provider that created difficulties for our payroll team. This provider couldn’t give us what we needed and doubled the amount of manual work we had to do. When we deducted pay from the employees, we had to run additional reports. After that, these reports had to be sent to accounting, making it difficult for not only payroll, but for accounting as well. 

We made the decision to terminate our relationship with our former provider, but we still wanted to offer on-demand pay. Fortunately, an employee on our benefits team had come across DailyPay at an event and liked the solution. At first glance, what we found most interesting about DailyPay is how easy it would be to integrate it with our payroll system, without requiring much work on our end. It was because of this that we decided to partner with DailyPay in June 2019, and we have been pleased with our choice ever since.  

DailyPay’s staff has been very helpful and efficient in terms of implementation and the logistics of the service. There are several DailyPay representatives who work with us directly, a specific employee to manage our partner relationship and others to help us with technical considerations.

An easy sell to the company leadership

Before implementing DailyPay we had to have it approved by multiple people, including our CFO and our VP of HR. They both loved the idea and it was easy to get them on board because it didn’t cost us anything and because DailyPay is the industry leader in compliance. Our managers are very happy with it as well because their employees use DailyPay frequently and they see the results of this benefit in terms of retention and engagement.

A reduction in paper check processing

DailyPay has saved us money in payroll because there have been fewer paper checks. To be able to receive this benefit, employees need to have a direct deposit account. Since implementing DailyPay, we have reduced the number of employees receiving paper checks from 200 to 46, or about 77%. This has saved our payroll employees substantial time and manual labor.

Additional benefits from offering DailyPay

We have noticed a reduction in turnover and less absenteeism during our partnership with DailyPay. Employees who use DailyPay seem to be absent less, which has reduced the frequency of having to terminate employees after being out for three days or more. 

There has also been an increase in the number of job applications for open positions because of DailyPay. We include that we offer DailyPay in our recruitment materials, which has resulted in a huge boost in the number of applications we receive.

A supportive benefit for employees

Having DailyPay as a benefit has been extremely useful for our nearly 1,400 employees enrolled in DailyPay. One of the many benefits of having so many employees enrolled in DailyPay is that they are much more diligent about submitting their hours. With DailyPay, they are able to see their net Pay Balance change every day. Employees are also working more hours but there are fewer adjustments to payroll because of increased attention to time recording. This has created fewer hassles for our payroll department. 

DailyPay has helped many employees on a personal level as well. One employee had an issue with her car, and she would have been unable to pay for repairs if it wasn’t for DailyPay, which allowed her to access her earned income and use that money to pay for the repairs she needed. 

Another employee had to pay an electric bill, but he didn’t have the money because it wasn’t yet payday. If it wasn’t for DailyPay, he wouldn’t have been able to keep the electricity on for his family. 

New Starboard employees are particularly fond of DailyPay. Starboard processes payroll every other week and, depending on when in the pay period new employees begin, they may not get paid until three weeks after they start working. With DailyPay, they can get paid as soon as Day 1.

Our partnership with DailyPay is truly an asset to our company in so many ways. We are happy to be able to offer such a valuable benefit to our employees, and we are pleased with the results we have seen in everything from recruitment to payroll efficiency and employee satisfaction.


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